Anniversary dinner at Zizzi

My hubby and I went to Zizzi – an Italian restaurant – for our anniversary on the 18th October. This is where we had our first date; same restaurant, just different location.


To drink, I ordered the blackberry and lemon cooler, with Sprite, fresh blueberries, mint and rosemary. It was lovely and sweet; the lemon gave it a tangy kick.


I really wanted calamari for starters but, unfortunately, the fryer wasn’t working and so, no fried food could be ordered. I chose the butterflied king prawns instead and was very happy with my pick. It was served in a delicious garlic butter sauce with two pieces of bread that I used to soak up the sauce with. Thankfully, I didn’t really react to the sauce, as it contained butter. The prawns weren’t too soft, not too chewy, and served in their shells, which I ate happily. Nothing was left on my plate apart from the lemon – signs of a delicious starter.



I had the Calzone Carne Piccante – spicy roasted chicken, bolognese, herby wild boar pork meatballs, mozzarella, mushrooms and red chillies, wrapped in pizza dough. However, due to my dairy intolerance, I ordered it without the cheese. I know that this option is available to me, but I am constantly reminded of how much of a difference cheese actually makes to bringing out the flavour in food.

For that reason, I found my meal to be unfortunately bland. The spice was just spice and the meat was just meat. It didn’t taste particularly seasoned so, I was a little disappointed. Not to mention that the calzone is actually quite big so, I only ate half of it. I ended up wishing I had ordered something else, which isn’t exactly how you want to feel when you go to a restaurant.


Yes! This is what I came for! *cue Rianna song* Seriously. I’d told my husband that I wanted to go to a Thai restaurant called Yum Yum, for our anniversary, but changed my mind when I was nonchalantly checking Zizzi’s menu, and found that they had introduced few dairy-free options; one of them being this sticky chocolate and praline torte!

Pros: It was dairy-free, sweet. Cons: It was very overindulgent. I forced myself to eat it all, but I shouldn’t have haha. It was so sweet that it became all a bit too much. But I didn’t want to let that stop me. I was just happy that Zizzi had been considerate enough to introduce alternatives to their menu. I think I would actually get it all over again. Don’t fault me. Being intolerant to dairy makes life hard enough.

I will definitely continue to visit Zizzi in the future; I’ll just make sure to pick a different main.

Have you been to Zizzi? What did you think of it?

Have a great weekend!

Mich x



Just 5 minutes


Happy start to the working week!

With this week’s motivational Monday post, I realise that I need to do this a lot more often. Clarity is so important and much-needed in a world where we are always on the go. Even just five minutes alone can make a difference. You may need to take that time at work when everything is just getting too much or, at home in your room to define your plans and goals.

Even if you can’t do it every day, maybe twice or three times a week could help.

I’m going to challenge myself to do this – to switch everything off and just sit, think and clear my mind. I’m sure I could do more than five minutes a day.

Would you like to join me?

Mich x


A lace number





Black lace dress

Black pointed flats

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re all well. I’m back from my holiday in Alicante with the hubby. More details about the trip coming soon.

The reason for the trip was my third anniversary, and the week before, my hubby and I went for dinner. I wanted to wear something nice for him. It was fortunate that I found this dress from New Look the day before, and was able to have it arrive with next day delivery.

I put it on at the office with black stiletto heels, but I just wasn’t feeling the look. I’m not used to wearing close-fitting dresses so, I felt uncomfortable and ‘naked’. I wore my flats to the restaurant and kept them on. And when my hubby took these pictures, I preferred the look with flats, as opposed to in heels.

The lace detail is what captured me; it is one of my favourite textures. The front was a little low so, I wore a black vest underneath.

The dress also comes in white and red.

Mich x


You can make it!


Good morning everyone. I hope you are well.

By the time this post is live, I will be on a flight to Alicante, Spain with my hubby for our third anniversary getaway. I’ve been needing a break for so long.

I’ve realised something about myself – that when I start to become frustrated with little things, or I get snappy and moody for no reason, it is because I’m becoming bored of every-day life and my same, old routine. So, I need to do something or go somewhere to break that chain of repetition. The remedy: Getting out of London. See how I said London and not the UK; because you can still discover beautiful places on this little island.

Anyway, I wanted to leave you all with a little positivity of course, even though it is self-explanatory: “Don’t believe what they say. You can make it!”

And you will. Take all the negative words that you have heard over the years, and let it be the fuel for your achievements. This may be a weak example, but it could still help.

When I was in secondary school, our English classes were split into higher and lower sets. I was in the lower set, and it was the class where people mostly joked around. The highest grade anyone could get for the lower English exam was a ‘C’. I wanted to take the higher English paper. My teacher told me that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I didn’t care. And that negative word – telling me that I couldn’t – is what made me want to do it even more. I eventually got my way, took the higher paper and got a ‘B’.

I honestly can’t even remember if I saw that teacher when I got my results, but even if he did or not tell me that “wow, he was amazed that I actually did it and passed”, I had that validation within myself, and that’s all that mattered – knowing that I could do it.

And you can too!

Have a great start to the week.

Mich x


Tell someone…


Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? On Sunday, I tried crazy golf for the first time at Swingers with my hubby and friends. I was a bit nervous because I’ve never done it before, and I was afraid that I’d be absolutely rubbish, but I actually wasn’t too bad. The game was so much fun. There were nine holes and we teamed up — girls against boys, three on each team. The girls lost *insert sad face*, but I still had such a good time. You should check it out (not sponsored).

“Tell someone how much you mean to them.”

I love to compliment people because I’ve discovered that I enjoy making people feel good about themselves. I guess this has something to do with that quote about people remembering how you made them feel.

How people make me feel is certainly a big deal for me. You don’t want to be around someone who makes you feel unwanted, unloved or, unimportant. I know what that feels like and it’s horrible. And one of my worst pet peeves is inconsideration.

My husband is really good at telling me how much I mean to him (I need to get better though lol, but he knows I love him haha). He recently got me a card that said “You’re a star” on it, for no reason at all. He is a man of few words so, I know that his way of showing me how important I am to him, is through what he does.

Why not make someone feel special today? It could be your father, your sister or a dear friend. Let them know how much they mean to you. Have an excellent day.

Mich x


No comparison


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.

My sister-in-law convinced me to go to a gym class at 6.20am this morning! Her argument was: at least I’d get to go home straight after work and have the satisfaction in knowing that I’ve still  worked out. I considered it. The class finishes in enough time for me to go home, get ready (I hate the thought of showering in a public place), and be at work on time. The only sacrifice would be waking up and leaving the comfort of my warm bed and brand new 10.5 tog duvet to get to the class. Thus, it called for an early night.

It must be the craziest thing I’ve ever done (maybe) but, I did it! And I’m proud of myself, but I also felt incredibly sick with limp, wobbly limbs because I didn’t eat beforehand. I don’t know how regular this will become but, now that I’ve accomplished it once, it is possible for me to do it again. We’ll see.

“The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.”

One thing that keeps me going when I’m facing difficult moments, is remembering that nothing lasts forever. Every problem has an expiry date. So, although you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, it is there and it is coming.

However, don’t sit back and do nothing. The more you do to overcome that problem, the closer you are to seeing its end. So, hang in there. It will be over soon. And, instead of wallowing in your tears and feeling even worse about yourself, try to think about what you can take away from that problem – something that will mould you into a better person. That obstacle can always provide you with a learning experience. Let that be the good that comes out of it.

As always, have an excellent day.

Mich x


Life begins…


Happy Monday everyone!

I’m loving this app that I have only just found called Snapseed. I used it to edit the photo above and add the text so, I think it’s what I will be using from now on. I’m quite excited about it.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve realised that you can only discover your full potential when you venture out of your comfort zone. You can only know what you are capable of when you do something that you are afraid of doing.

I have had to learn this. I have been through so much, and whenever I look back, I can’t believe that I have overcome all that I have. It has taught me a lot about myself, and whenever I get scared, I’m reminded that there is nothing I can’t do, but I am the one who limits myself. If I never try, I’ll never know.

There is so much you are capable of – some things haven’t even been unearthed yet. Get out of your own and surprise yourself. Let your life begin.

Mich x