The tailored look







Double-breasted blazer: Zara (similar here, here, here and here)

Black jeans: New Look

Nude heels: Boohoo

I wore this look to watch Motown in the West End after work. I love going to the theatre. It is not a common occurrence; tickets cost quite a bit, depending on where you want to sit, so you make it something special.

This particularly evening was, because one of my friends got engaged. We all knew it was going to happen, but her. After the show had finished, her then-boyfriend, now-fiancé was waiting at the entrance. The proposal was beautiful and I am very happy for her.

The show was incredible! I love the arts, so I just sat in awe at the acting, singing and dancing. The actress who played Diana Ross did an excellent job, and it was fascinating learning about how Motown was created and the hardships it faced to keep afloat. I couldn’t help but sing along and dance in my seat. My father loves Motown music and jazz, so that’s who I got my love of it from.

Now this outfit. I didn’t know what to wear so, I went for all black which looks chic in itself. I wanted to break it up with nude heels, even though I only wore it inside the theatre. The weather was a little miserable, so I’m glad I kept my legs covered.

When I saw this blazer from Zara (sold out), I wanted it because it was out of my comfort zone, and on sale. The model was wearing it buttoned up with nothing underneath, so I specifically bought it for this, but of course it can be worn with a top. I have worn it twice with a vest, so as not to play peek-a-boo, but I love this style. Tailored looks steal my heart; they are sleek and make you look well put together.

How do you feel about tailored looks?

Mich x


P.S This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

You will make it!


Happy Monday everyone!

Just a pretty picture and a really nice word of encouragement from my Happy Jar to start off the working week.

How was your weekend?

Mine was tiring. I spent the Saturday marching against knife crime with the Victory Youth Group, from Catford to Peckham. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen it on my InstaStories. It was an incredible experience. I’ve never done anything like that before, but with knife crime on the rise, it was necessary.

Local councillors joined us and the police helped us a great deal to keep everything under control as we marched. Once we had reached Peckham UCKG (the branch of my church in Peckham), there were inspiring spoken word, drama performances and testimonies of people who used to live a life of crime, but turned everything around. The spoken word was my favourite. It’s another form of written talent and it’s just amazing what people can do with their words.

I felt the ache of walking and standing for hours on the Sunday, but it was all worth it and I pray that what we did made a real difference.

What did you get up to on the weekend?


Mich x



From Selfie to Self-Expression

On 20 May, Mr. Sun decided to come out to play. It was a perfect day to visit the From Selfie to Self-Expression Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, which I discovered on The Londonder. Unfortunately, the exhibition ended on 28 May. That’s the great thing about blogs. You can discover all these awesome places to go, places that you wouldn’t have usually known about until you do a little reading.

I asked my friend to join me, and off we set the next free Saturday we had to view some art, which we are both a fan of.



The From Selfie to Self-Expression Exhibition is a play on the selfie generation, and combines the old with the new. It plays on the concept that people have been taking selfies since back in the day, in the form of portraits.

The lined strokes in this portrait by ALO reminded me of pointillism, developed by Georges Seurat. He used small dots to create a bigger picture.

A portrait by ALO

This was the CCTV room. As soon as you walk into this gallery, the cameras zoom in on your face, what you are doing, and your proximity to other people in the room, so that it can be seen by all on the walls. It’s a big reminder that we are constantly being watched.


This room was so interesting. Portraits of famous artists were displayed on large screens with the same images on phones next to them in the form of Instagram posts. You were able to ‘like’ the post, and it tallied up to how many people had liked the image.


Van Gogh
Frieda Kahlo


Some famous selfies.



A random wax work of a man with a gun. There was actually no explanation as to why this was here.


The first ever selfie. Look at that box camera!


I love photography.


This metal sculpture looks like a random blend of twigs, vines, skulls and rodents. But with the light shining on it, its shadow reveals…


…this! A head with two faces.


Time went by so quickly that we could hardly believe it when we were kicked out of the gallery at 6pm. We headed to Covent Garden to get a bite to eat.

After settling down to a greasy burger and crimped chips at the Shake Shack, we opted to get dessert at a cosy french cafe called Chez Antoinette. We both went for the homemade apple crumble, mine sans a dollop of cream. And still, it was delicioso. The crumble was crunchy, yet soft (is that even possible?) and the apple was moist; not too sour and not too sweet. It was just right, as Goldilocks would say.


I really enjoyed myself and aim to plan more trips with my artsy-farsty friend, because she’s the only one who will go with me.

Have a fab day!

Mich x


Dreams versus action


Happy Monday everyone!

A quick post today with a self-explanatory quote from the Happy Jar.

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it.”

I have many quotes in my jar reminding me that it is important that I take action and do something about my dreams. I have recently decided to do something that initially instilled fear in me. So many doubts came to my mind as well. But courage is not the absence of fear. It is the power to take action regardless of it.

So I will be doing whatever I have to. I am motivated more than ever, because my husband and I have long term goals that we wish to achieve together, and I need to do my own part in this partnership.

Wish me all the best guys! And I wish you all the best too for whatever you have your eyes set on.

Have a blessed day.

Mich x


Brunch at The Terrace



On the last Bank Holiday in May, the Joseph’s (me, my hubby and my brother and sister-in-law) went for brunch at a new cafe in Finsbury Park next to Starbucks, called The Terrace.

Inside, it has a kitsch vibe with an interesting mix of furniture: multicoloured crystal chandeliers, old vintage lamps, flowers in vases, velvet chairs, wooden benches and metal garden tables and chairs. I love anything that is out of the norm, and it was so odd and pretty.



I ordered the Terrace’s Cafe Mix Juice, which consisted of celery, apple, ginger, orange and spinach. It caught my eye as soon as I saw it. Anything to do my body a favour…


…Although, I most likely flushed out all of the goodness with the Full English Breakfast. No egg for me because of allergies, nor mushrooms because they are simply disgusting!



I was in love! Everything was delicious, although you can’t really go wrong with english breakfast. Even my sister-in-law loved her Eggs Royale – sourdough bread topped with salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

I am highly considering popping in just for the Cafe Mix Juice. I work close by and any way to get my five-a-day.

What do you think of The Terrace?

Mich x


P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

What are you thankful for?


Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your bank holiday? I am so grateful for that paid day off. One more left in August and that will be it. I’ll have a post up showing you what I spent the day doing.

Another late Motivational Monday post for you all.

‘Write down 10 things in your life that you are thankful for.’

Here is my list:

  1. God — I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my faith in God. He has brought me so far, and I can never forget where He has taken me from. He is the reason for my smile.
  2. My husband, Julious — I never thought I would marry a guy like my husband. He is everything that I wanted in a man: hardworking (honestly, this guy does not stop!), focused, goal-driven and spiritual. He loves me despite my many flaws and has so much patience, you would not believe. I don’t deserve him, but I know I have to look after him because he is truly my God-given gift (fun fact: he used to be in a dance group called God’s Gift).
  3. My sister-in-law — There are people who I feel no way about being around, but there are others whom  I love being in their company. My sister-in-law is one of them. Being around her makes me very happy. She is everything I am not and I love that. She always makes me laugh, and she talks so much sense that she sometimes makes me challenge the way I think (she doesn’t know that). She is my sister by marriage, but she might as well be my sister by blood.
  4. My mother-in-law — I don’t need to go into detail, but my mother-in-law has done so much for me. She has literally been my mother away from home, and I can’t thank her enough.
  5. My church — I’m so glad I found the church that I go to now. They are such a wonderful support system. I have found true friends there, people who are real with me, who give me good, truthful advice and who, when I am down, do all they can to lift me up with positivity and prayer. I always feel so happy and at peace being there. Most of all, it’s where I found God, and for that, I will forever be grateful.
  6. My friends — This can be closely linked to number five because a lot of my friends, and the true ones that I have found are because of the church I go to. So I won’t repeat myself. They know I love them.
  7. My skin — Having suffered with severe eczema, I realised that I took for granted something that is so important: my skin. I am doing much better now, just dealing with some issues here and there, but I am truly thankful that I am on the mend, and I believe that a full recovery is just around the corner.
  8. My family — I’ve been through a lot with my family, but we have made it to a good place, and I am proud that they are mine and I am theirs.
  9. My talent — I haven’t always appreciated my talent. I used to think it wasn’t ‘enough’ (I’m not even sure in what sense of the word); it’s as though I needed to find something cooler to do, like investing in my creative side, which is definitely there. I am a writer/editor, but I do a lot more editing/proofreading. People may say it is boring, but it is extremely important for me, and I’ve realised how valuable my skill is, especially in my work place. I want to take it much further and invest in it, instead of thinking it’s not good enough compared to what other people do for their careers. I guess my problem was looking at what other people were doing and deciding that they were living more exciting lives. I have no need to compare myself.

I actually can’t think of number 10. There are so many things that I am looking forward to in life; I am sure that I will be thankful for so much more. When I think of them, I will update them here.

What are the 10 things you are thankful for, if you can make it to 10? I’d like to know. Have a great day.

Mich x


Armani Diamonds Rose


Armani Diamonds Rose Eau De Toilette

I have no perfume left. My last and most treasured bottle (one of two of my favourite scents)—White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor—was thrown away at the airport because I packed over the limit of liquids allowed in a carry-on . Every girl has their go-to bottle and at the time, White Diamonds was mine. I had barely used it up. I was so disappointed.

A month later, I decided that it was time to get another perfume to use as my go-to scent. I chose Armani Diamonds Rose online without knowing what it smelt like. When I got to The Perfume Shop, I loved it. I’m not fussy with scents, but this seemed perfect for spring and summer. It’s fragrance is light and not overpowering at all.

Its top notes are: Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Bergamot. Its heart notes are: Lily of the Valley, Bulgarian Rose and Freesia Accord, and its base notes are: Patchouli, Ambret Seeds Accord and Woody Amber Accord.

This perfume was released in 2013, but I had never considered it until now. And I am loving it!

Mich x