Make Someone Smile


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all well.

I had a nice little break away from the social media world, which actually ends on Wednesday, but I just wanted to send some positivity your way.

Instead of looking to receive, why not give someone a reason to smile today?

Have a great day!

Mich x




The little black wrap dress

The wrap dress has been around a lot lately, and I finally got my hands on one. From ASOS no doubt, including the shoes people. You guys already know. I can’t seem to stay away from that site when choosing something to wear. It’s very hard for me. I guess it’s because I trust their products, next day delivery, free returns and all that. And I haven’t yet come across someone else wearing the same dress as me at the same time, so…touch wood.

Anyway onto the outfit. This is what I wore for my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner.




Wrap dress – ASOS

Heels – ASOS

Earrings – H&M 

I tried to add a little colour with the blue tassel earrings that everyone has also been wearing lately too (I didn’t even know Topshop sold the same earrings until way after I’d bought mine). Don’t know if it worked though because of my long hair in the way.

Does anyone else have the problem of their wrap dress flapping open? It had to be windy that day. Thank God I had cycling shorts on underneath and that I got a lift to the restaurant that day. You’ve got to be extra careful with the peepshow.

These shoes! My new favourites by the way. Got them for my work Christmas party and wore them for four hours straight. It hurt like hell but they were just. so. pretty.

Have a good day all!

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Mich x


Rock & Rose


My sister-in-law has great taste and for her birthday, she chose Rock & Rose in Richmond as the restaurant to celebrate it in. It took a while to get to, but it did not disappoint.

First impressions are everything and Rock & Rose is fascinating upon entry. Before you get into the restaurant, it has a cosy outside seating area, which had been reserved for us when the time limit on our table had run out. They had provided cushions on the steel seats and blankets to keep us warm. There was also a fire burning.



Inside, the decor channels a kitsch and antique mood. We were sat opposite a giant mirror with scratched gold detailing, and the wallpaper in the corridor by the toilets gave me ‘grandma’ vibes, but had a lovely beige chair in the corner, so it was a mixture of the old and new.

I can’t remember what I had to drink but I know it was good!


For starters, I had the chilli salt squid with sweet chilli dipping sauce. You guys know how much I love calamari for starters. I really have to start choosing something different, but it’s because I know it won’t let me down.


For my main, I chose the rib eye steak with roast tomato and rock fries. It was tender, flavoursome and satisfying. Like I said, my sister-in-law really knows how to pick her places. I enjoyed it so much that I would even go back with Julious, preferably when we get a car.

Have you ever been to Rock & Rose?

This post is not sponsored.

Mich x


A 2017 Retrospective


Happy New Year everyone!

Wow! I can’t believe yet another year has passed and we are already in 2018! I like to do a little retrospective of my year and look back on what was good and not-so-good. So, keep reading to see how my 2017 fared.

  • On 5 January 2017, I was in hospital. It was the first time I had ever stayed overnight in a hospital. I was battling severe eczema, and I had fainted in the shower three times. My skin would weep terribly, my blood pressure was low, and the lack of moisture in my skin was so bad that I would wake up with flakes of dead skin on the bedsheets. Gross, right? But here I am on 1 January 2018 with brand new skin and a clean bill of health. Multiple things led to that severe bout of eczema (the combined contraceptive pill, stress, and dairy), and it took a year of trial and error and many shed tears to figure out what was wrong with me. But I can’t thank God enough for seeing me through it, and for my wonderful husband for loving me when I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I can wear a full face of make-up again guys! And I promised God and myself that when I did overcome that battle, I would have more value for myself and the beauty that He has given me, because I know what it feels like to lose it.


  • I travelled three times. I went to Portugal for a friend’s wedding, I took Julious to Bournemouth for his birthday (it is still considered travelling even if you go somewhere in the UK right? haha), and we went to Alicante for our anniversary. When I lived at home, I never. went. anywhere. All my friends had been on a plane and I hadn’t. I knew that when I got married, we would be able to do so much more together than when I had when I was single. For some people, that’s the opposite, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But Julious and I both have the same goals and dreams, and we’ve found that we have freedom together to do what we couldn’t do without each other. And we plan to travel much more in 2018.

  • I celebrated my birthday. You guys don’t and probably won’t understand why this a big deal for me, so let me explain. The first year that Julious and I were married and my birthday came around, we were broke, so we could only go to TinselTown. The second year for my 25th, I was sick and we were still having a hard time financially, so I couldn’t do anything. But this year, my hubby took me to see the Lion King and to dinner at Burger & Lobster, which was my request. So the fact that we were able to do that was an achievement in itself, because not only did it mean that my health was coming back, but our financial state was improving.

    meal 2

  • I got a new job! A month before the end of the year, but I made it happen. I’m still on probation so I don’t have much to say about it yet, but I know that even greater things are to come.

This is only what has happened in my life this year. I haven’t even spoken about what God has done for my husband, but I am so grateful. Oh and before I forget, let me mention the blessing of making it to three years of marriage! For the first two years, we had to deal with two separate battles, but we won them by fighting together, and things are looking up. Things are good.

I’ve come to the end of 2017 and I’m happy. I kept God as my number one priority and He didn’t fail me. Even though I had my fights, He didn’t neglect me during those hard times. And He is the centre of it all and the reason for my joy, because if it hadn’t been for Him, I wouldn’t have this good news to give.

How was your 2017? Even if it wasn’t what you wanted it to be, things will change. It took two years of rain for me to finally enjoy the sun. It’s coming. Just don’t give up!


The best Duck & Waffle ever!


I have a story to tell about the best customer service I have ever received. I had to share it because I was completely blown away.

My team had our Christmas breakfast at Duck & Waffle in the Heron Tower. Can I just say that the view is incredible, and so is that scary glass lift that takes you to the 40th floor in seconds. Thank God I came by myself so that I could hyperventilate in shame without anyone judging me. I had to hold my breath on the trip down though, so that I wouldn’t humiliate myself in front of my team (oh dear). Yes, you’ve gathered that I don’t like heights.

Anyway, when I found out that the majority of the menu either consisted of waffles, which are dairy, or eggs, which I also can’t eat, or both, I became quite dejected at the fact that I probably wouldn’t enjoy myself.

When the waiter came around, I asked for the house breakfast without eggs and without the cheddar and buttermilk scone. He asked me if I had allergies and I said yes – dairy and egg. He then offered to have a dairy-free waffle made for me. The eggs, he claimed, were processed, so they shouldn’t affect me. I decided to take him up on his offer and take a chance on the Duck & Waffle. For breakfast? Yes! I wasn’t paying after all.

Let me tell you, although the picture above looks plain, that was the best duck and waffle I’ve ever had! The waffle was so soft and fluffy. I didn’t react to it at all, and the duck was cooked so well. It wasn’t tough as I’d imagined it would be, but crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And the maple syrup wasn’t too sweet, so it was a delicious extra to an already perfect meal. I enjoyed my food so much!

I will definitely be going there again, if only to have the exact same thing that I had that day. This time, Julious will be coming with me so I can hold onto him for dear life in the elevator.

Have a good day all. I hope you were entertained by my story. It’s true you know 😉

Mich x


Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas everyone!

One of the things I love most about this holiday is getting to spend time with family, relaxing, resting, eating and being off work. One of my favourite ways to wind down is to light some scented candles.

At work we did Secret Santa. I only started this new job a month ago and the company is quite big, so it did feel a little impersonal. I’m still a newbie and I only know a handful of people, but that was tackled by filling out wish lists. Our budget was £10. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out who gave us our gifts, but that was alright.

I asked for scented candles, a girly mug or nail polish, and my Secret Santa got me scented candles, which I was delighted with. I wasn’t expecting them to be this nice.


They came in a set of three from Anthropologie (I know because it said so on the gift bag haha), and smelt of pine needle and pine nuts. It’s such a lovely Christmasy scent. I love the gold chrome finish and the white and gold marble cardboard stand that they were presented in. I’ve left them like that on my window sill. When I light them up, I close the curtains, but leave them open enough for the candles to show.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone. Enjoy these moments with your loved ones and make the most of it. I will be going to church this morning, and then I’ll be helping my mother-in-law cook Christmas lunch/dinner. I’ll be spending today and tomorrow with the in-laws and on Wednesday, Julious and I will be heading to Luton to see my mum and stepdad. I’m looking forward to it!

How are you spending the holidays?


Mich x


Don’t let your mistakes define you



Good morning all and happy Monday!

We are extremely close to Christmas and I am very excited about that, because… rest! That is all that concerns me right now. Food, family and chill (and I don’t mean in the Netflix way lol). I’m looking forward to spending it with my loved ones and eating a lot of good home-cooked food. Only in January will I rejoin the gym. That, my friends, is a promise!

“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

We all make mistakes. We cannot beat ourselves up for them or condemn others for making them, because we are all human. There are so many cliche quotes popping into my head right now:

“The only good thing that making mistakes is good for, is learning from them” (I’m sure I got that wrong haha).

“It’s not about the mistake you make, but what you do after that counts” (I’m sure that’s not it either, but you all get what I mean. Sounds very similar to today’s quote anyway).

But as cliche as it sounds, and as much as we hate to hear it when we find ourselves in that situation, it’s all true.

Bounce back. Don’t let your faults and failures define you. Let people remember you by the actions you take when you mess up. You’re sure to be respected for how you react positively in bad situations.

Have a great day!

Mich x