Shades of lilac


Dress: ASOS

Sandals: Shoebou


This is the dress I wore to my friend’s wedding in Portugal. Lilac is one of my favourite colours, but I don’t wear it often. The dress code for the wedding was elegant so, I thought I would take a chance with this cold-shoulder dress.

The material is light so, it was easy to keep cool in the Portuguese heat.

I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to have my picture taken underneath this wisteria tree, which I initially thought was lavender. Shows how much I know about flowers! It matched my dress so, that was all that mattered.

The wedding was stunning! It was my first one abroad and one of the best ones I have ever been to. It was the first time I travelled without my husband and although I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, I would have loved for him to be there too.

I hope this won’t be my last wedding abroad.

Have you ever been to a wedding in another country?

Thank you for reading.

Mich x


72 hours in Portugal – part 2

On day two of my time in Portugal, we spent it in Sintra. I had really wanted to come here, for one reason only, but we’ll get to that later. Sintra is full of colourful buildings, although these are popular throughout Portugal.


It was wonderfully warm that day. We decided to fuel up and found a nice little restaurant, which I forgot the name of. I ordered the pork.


The food in Portugal is delicious. This meal was only six euros. Everything is so cheap there. I came back home with 50 euros to spare!

After we had eaten, we were ready to go on our quest (the one I had been looking forward to)…


…all the way up there! To the Castelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors). I love sightseeing and I had mentally prepared myself for the crazy feat we were about to pull off. While everyone paid for rides up, my friends and I had decided to walk.


And walk we did. For a good two hours. Closer to the beginning of the climb up, we saw little handmade trinkets and pieces of art for sale on the side of the road…





…gorgeous views…


…and hidden gems.



Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the actual castle. We arrived five minutes before closing time, which we were annoyed about because we hadn’t been made aware of that. But I’m still proud of myself for that incredible walk all the way up. It was painful, but so worth it. I wonder how many calories I burnt?

Afterwards, we went to Centro Vasco da Gama in Oriente. Think of Stratford Westfield shopping centre. The architecture in Oriente station is beautiful, especially at night.



I did no shopping and had another late night. The wedding was the following day, so that was all the sightseeing I got done on this trip, but I was very content. Like I said, it was the most fun and adventure I’d had in a long time.

Thank you Lisbon. It was fun while it lasted.

Mich x



72 hours in Portugal – part 1

As some of you may know, I spent three nights in Portugal at the end of March for a friend’s wedding. If it hadn’t been for the wedding, I wouldn’t have had the chance to discover such a beautiful place. I got to see so much in such a short space of time, so I was grateful for that.

I arrived on Thursday and as soon as I landed, my friends came to get me. After settling into my room at the hotel we were staying in, we set off to Setúbal. It’s a quiet city with pebbled streets and a port.






For dinner, we went to a restaurant along the port called Tasca da Fatinha. You can choose whatever fish you want and they grill it for you. It’s all fresh produce. Some of us shared prawns for starters, which looked and tasted delicious. I ordered the salmon. It was my first time having it, and I loved it, especially with the grilled, smokey taste.




Unfortunately, the chips were a bit dry, but the salmon made up for that.

We stayed out late, and found this beautiful building on the way back to the coach station — the Monastery of Jesus of Setúbal. I went to bed the latest I have done in a very long time, but I also had the most fun I’ve had in a long while, so it was all worth it.


Look out for part two next Thursday, and thank you for reading.

Mich x