How to style your man

I can barely style myself, let alone my husband. I just know what I like and sometimes I get it wrong, but I am trying.

My hubby works in the world of fitness, so he is always dressed in casual workout clothes and sports gear, which I am not too keen on. But when he puts on a suit, boy does he look good. He actually doesn’t need me for that.

The Black Tux – a men’s fashion company that specialise in suit rentals – have created a style guide for the men in your life. It breaks down the basics of common dress codes and the events they are most often associated with. When asked if I could share it with you all, I was more than happy to oblige. It is a good reference point for me to come back to.

How To Style Your Man

Hope this helps you all, and thank you for reading. I know it has helped me. 🙂

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Faux leather culottes






Ruffle blouse: ASOS

Faux leather culottes: ASOS

Nude heels: Boohoo


Liz Clairborne wristlet: JcPenney


This outfit compiles everything that I am loving in fashion right now – ruffles, bell sleeves and culottes. I wore it to the wedding of a dear friend, and it is only the second time in my life that I have worn trousers on the bottom half, instead of a skirt or a dress (and I have been to a lot of weddings). I felt proud of myself for doing something different.

I have always been fascinated with culottes, wondering if I could pull off the wide leg look without appearing frumpy. They are definitely the highlight of this outfit. I didn’t think that my first pair would be faux leather because I don’t own anything in leather, but I’ve realised that my style is evolving and I am coming out of my comfort zone. These are high-waisted, so they work well on my slight hourglass frame.

I kept the colour palette monochromatic with nude heels, a brown belt, my gold wristlet (from this post) and camel coat, which you can see a peek of in the last image.

What do you think of the outfit?


P.s. I apologise for the bad quality pictures. My phone was used to take them.

Mich x


The practical accessory

Liz Claiborne Wristlet



I don’t know about you, but I can’t leave my house without my charger. I just can’t risk my phone dying on me. I don’t have one of those power banks, so when I won this gold metallic phone charger wallet from a giveaway that Monica Awe-Etuk hosted on her blog, I realised just how convenient it is.

For me, this is more like a cute clutch bag. It has a charging station that clips to the inside of the bag and must be charged before use, just like a power bank. It is large enough to fit my phone inside (obviously) and a few necessary items, but not too much.

I love the gold metallic colour, although the wallet is now only available in blue and lavender online at JCPenney. It also has a detachable strap that makes it easier to hold when going out. I styled this bag with an outfit I wore to a wedding last Saturday, so look out for that post next week.

In other news, this time next Thursday I’ll be flying out to Portugal for my friend’s wedding. I can’t wait. There’ll be a lot of firsts for me – my first time in Portugal; my first wedding abroad; my first time flying by myself. I’m sure there’s nothing to it, but I’m a bit nervous. My husband can’t come because of a pre-booked course he has to attend on the Sunday that I’ll be flying back. It will be too close to call, so he decided not to risk it.

I will miss him so much, but I know that I have to do this to overcome my fear. I went into a state of panic when he realised he wouldn’t be able to make it, but I had to tell myself that I can do this. People fly alone every day; if they can do it, why can’t I? I will let you all know how it goes.

My dress for the wedding arrived yesterday. I tried it on and I love it! I can’t wait to do a post on it.

Enjoy your Thursday and have a great weekend. Until next week. 🙂

Mich x


Ruffles and lace




Ruffle lace pencil dress: ASOS

Heels: (similar here and here)

Watch: Daniel Wellington

It’s been a while since I’ve put up an outfit post. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m glad to say that I’m getting back to my usual self and feeling confident in my skin again.

I’ve worn this dress before to a wedding in Birmingham (from this post here), but I hated it. I was still struggling with my illness and I didn’t like how I looked. You can tell from the way I have dressed, because I kept my coat on the whole time! Can you believe that?

It’s true that when you are confident, it shows. Look at me then and now. There is a clear difference, especially in the way I’ve styled the dress. I wore it to another wedding last month, but didn’t care because the same people wouldn’t have seen it. I even showed my arms, which is something I hardly ever do since a bump developed on the back of my left arm, after receiving an injection in school (I think it was my fault. I was crying so much that I tensed my arm).

I didn’t add much to this outfit — just black heels, a small necklace, a bracelet, one ring and my Daniel Wellington watch. The simpler the better.

When I bought this dress, ruffles weren’t as big as they are now and I didn’t even notice them. But they are slowly becoming my new favourite thing (in January I bought a white ruffle-sleeved top from H&M).

What do you all think? I’m hoping to have more outfit posts in the future.

Thank you for reading.

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Mr and Mrs




Hello everyone, it’s good to be back.

The detox was wonderful, thank you for asking. It was refreshing having that break from the world of social media, and it was a boost for my faith.

I volunteer at the bookshop in my church and we often sell gifts, as well as books, CD’s and DVD’s.

When this beautiful Mr and Mrs passport holders set came into stock, I could not resist! I love products that highlight one’s personality. We only had three sets available, so I jumped at the opportunity and showed them to my husband, who purchased them for us. Yay!

I’m headed to Portugal at the end of March for a wedding, so I can’t wait to use mine for the first time. It may even motivate me to travel more, because what’s the point of having something so pretty kept hidden away?

I managed to find them online and have included the link above.

What do you guys think?

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

A Valentine’s night outfit

Valentine’s Day is five days away, and although I have never been and still am not fussed about it, I think my hubby and I may be going out that weekend for dinner. Even if we didn’t go out and just spent that day indoors, I  wouldn’t mind at all.

Still, I have put together a red and black themed Valentine’s outfit. This is something I would wear – simple and sophisticated.






  1. I love the belt and pockets on this midi dress. It adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple ensemble.
  2. Confession time: I have never owned a pair of red heels. I know right! I feel as though they’re a basic in any woman’s wardrobe, and a black dress with red heels does go quite well together. Red seems to be the first colour we think of when we want to add a pop of colour to a black outfit. But I guess the reason I don’t own a pair is because I don’t have a LBD (little black dress) either. Shock horror! I’m full of confessions today. Maybe I might just buy this entire outfit and be done with it. Pointed courts are one of my favourite style of heels and I am loving these from Topshop.
  3. These silver leaf drop earrings are a statement on their own. No need for a necklace. Just wear your hair up and these swinging beauties will do all the work.
  4. This clutch bag adds the finishing touch with its simple, structured design. Matching heels and hand-held accessory – check!

What do you all have planned for V-day? Even if you’ll be spending it alone, make the most of it.

Have a great weekend, and see you in three weeks (refer to my previous post for info on the digital detox I am doing).

Mich x


A DW Classic






I love watches. I think they add an elegant touch to even the most casual of outfits. I have only owned two watches in my lifetime. My mother bought me my first gold chain watch from Argos. When it stopped working, I was very upset. I felt as though I had not had enough time to enjoy it. But I loved it and would wear it everywhere.

My second came from ASOS and that was a mistake. The quality was poor and I was very disappointed because I love ASOS. Now I just stick to buying clothes from there.

Then began my search for the ‘perfect’ watch. I wanted simple and elegant, not fancy and complicated; I wanted a watch that was branded because anything branded is usually of better quality because of the price paid for it. A Daniel Wellington watch effortlessly depicts all of that. My ‘Wish List’ Pinterest board started filling up with different watches, and the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield 36mm was on it. So when my husband gave me the same watch on Christmas Day, I could not believe it. I had not been expecting anything. It came in this gorgeously wrapped box, which must have made it easier on my husband haha.

A watch is an accessory on its own. I love the rose gold hardware detail, the black genuine leather and how big the dial is. Because it is black, I can wear this with anything. And I do not have to keep checking my phone for the time. I absolutely hate doing that.

What do you think of Daniel Wellington?

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I just love Daniel Wellington.

Mich x