An unfamiliar path

An unfamiliar path

Happy Tuesday everyone!

How was your weekend? I’m glad that it was a bright and sunny one here in the UK. On Sunday, it was the warmest weather we’ve had so far. But I wasn’t particularly smart; I had such a jam-packed day, but I didn’t drink enough water or eat food and I had a meeting at 6pm. My head was pounding throughout the meeting and when I got home, I couldn’t do anything but eat and go straight to bed.

I think it affected me more than I thought, because I couldn’t go to work the next day. I hope I’m not coming down with anything, because I couldn’t leave the house on Saturday either.

So, here is your Motivational Monday post going live on Tuesday ha. Never mind. Better late than never.

I love the quote that I pulled out of my Happy Jar last week.

“Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they’re the ones that take you to the best places.”

We all make plans for our future, and we have a route that we believe is the right way to take. It’s all there in our heads. Most times, we even write it down. “I’m going to get this qualification, then get this job, and save this amount of money to start this small business…”

But unfortunately, life doesn’t always go the way that we planned. What if you don’t meet the requirements needed to enrol on the course you wanted, or you fail it? What if you don’t get the job?

Don’t panic, because as much as it seems like it is, is it NOT the end of the world. And your plan isn’t necessarily the only route you can take to get to where you want. There is always a way. Don’t write it off as a dead-end.

It is easy to become frustrated, I completely understand that. Have your moment, then take a deep breath so that you can think clearly and consider other options.

I didn’t know that I would end up back at the same job that I had quit, but I’m not fretting or seeing it as a fail, because I know that it is not my final destination. There is just a different route I have to take for me to get to where I want to. Here’s to the future.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the sun.

Mich x


Do something


Happy Monday everyone! How are you all?

I got back yesterday from celebrating my friends’ wedding in Portugal, and although I don’t have jet lag (because the time zone is the same), I’m tired from having had to wake up at 4am to leave for the airport. I didn’t do much catching up on sleep when I got home. So, today’s post will be short.

Dreams don’t become reality without a key ingredient – action. You may not be able to take an action towards your goals every day, but at least once a week you could do something, even if it is small.

Every small action will lead up to something great. But you have to do something to get there, preferably more than one thing.

Have a great day chasing your dreams.

Mich x


No expiration date


Happy Monday everyone!

Sometimes our dreams don’t happen at the pace or in the time that we would like them to. This does not mean that they won’t happen at all.

We tend to want to give up when a hurdle comes along, sometimes after the first, but our dream becoming a reality could be right after that hurdle that’s standing in your way. What if you turn back and miss it? You would have wasted all that time trying.

When you first conjure up a goal in your head, that’s the beginning. But it only comes to an ‘end’ when you have achieved it. So the process of getting there has no time limit, no expiration date. Some dreams take longer and others are quicker to achieve. But no matter how long or short, they will happen.

Just take a deep breath and try again.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Mich x


Better, not bitter


Another week, another Monday.

Today’s quote from my happy jar is pretty self-explanatory.

I’m sure we’ve all heard before that the only thing our past is good for, is learning from it.

Unfortunately, I’ve met people who can’t let go of their past. It’s sad to say, but they are actually very frustrating to talk to. Nothing you say can snap them out of the dark cloud their head is permanently under, no matter how positive it is. People like this are difficult to help. I understand that they may have been through so much, but a lot of people have.

The difference between those who lead better lives today and others who are down in the dumps, is that the former have made a conscious decision to not allow their past to dictate their future, and allowed those who offered to help, to do just that, instead of using, ‘but this happened and that happened’ as an excuse to wallow in self-pity.

Everyone has a story to tell. Just make sure you can look back on it and smile because of how far you have come.

Enjoy your day.

Mich x


Letting go


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a new week. I hope that it is good to you.

Life is full of choices, from the moment we wake up until we lay our heads down to sleep at night. But it’s not the superficial decisions that we have to pay much attention to – like what to wear that day or whether you should take the bus or tube to work, but the life-altering ones. The decisions like whether you should continue to associate with a group of people that you have realised are way too negative, or whether that guy is really the one for you, even though he is exuding worrying behaviours.

Just like the quote in the image says, it is not always holding on to something that makes you strong, but also letting go. The key is to be able to discern when either is necessary. In the two examples that I have given, letting go may definitely be an option. You have to always prioritise your wellbeing, and if being around someone or doing something does not add anything positive to your life, let go of it. Sometimes that can be hard. The heart wants what the heart wants as they say, but when you put your mind above your heart and make rational decisions, you will definitely thank yourself for it.

Be wise. Do what is good for you. And sometimes that means just letting go.

I know that I have had to apply this to my life. It was difficult in the first instance, but I was definitely better off for it. What about you guys? Have you had to let go of something that you thanked yourself for in the long run? Let me know.

Have a great day!

Mich x


Strength and honour


Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s happy quote is:

Strength and honour are her clothing and she will rejoice in time to come.

We women are strong. Our strength may not lie in our arms, but we have it all stored up in our heads and hearts. We have been built to endure so much. Do I have to mention ‘childbirth’ as an example?

But of course, that is not the only example. Although we are emotional creatures, we understand things on a different level. We are survivors. We are resourceful with our hands, and can make the best out of anything. It’s a skill that is deep down within us.

The quote above is actually about such a woman in the Bible – smart, savvy, resourceful, tender, strong, an example. I’ve read about her many times. We women have these traits. We can make a difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of our families and those around us.

You are strong.

Remember that.

Mich x


Mr and Mrs




Hello everyone, it’s good to be back.

The detox was wonderful, thank you for asking. It was refreshing having that break from the world of social media, and it was a boost for my faith.

I volunteer at the bookshop in my church and we often sell gifts, as well as books, CD’s and DVD’s.

When this beautiful Mr and Mrs passport holders set came into stock, I could not resist! I love products that highlight one’s personality. We only had three sets available, so I jumped at the opportunity and showed them to my husband, who purchased them for us. Yay!

I’m headed to Portugal at the end of March for a wedding, so I can’t wait to use mine for the first time. It may even motivate me to travel more, because what’s the point of having something so pretty kept hidden away?

I managed to find them online and have included the link above.

What do you guys think?

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.