Get Stronger


Happy Monday everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Motivational Monday’s post, but here it is:

“Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”

This couldn’t be closer to the truth. No one has ever lived a problem-free life. Sorry to break it to you, but life can be unfair at times. It can come at you hard. Sometimes it gives you a break, but in general, life is a teacher.

The hardships that you face either make you or break you. And when they make you, that is when you get stronger. You cannot get stronger if you do not overcome, because there is always a harder battle waiting for you later on down the line. You cannot move on to the next step without wining the current battle you are facing.

The next time you go through a problem, or if you are going through a difficulty at this moment in time, remember that 1) no problem lasts forever and 2) when, not if, you overcome it, you will be stronger and wiser. You will have the experience to be able to take on whatever else may come your way.

I hope that this message has motivated someone today. Have an excellent Monday!

Mich x




Virtuous Woman


Good morning beauties and happy Monday!

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies.”

Isn’t this quote so beautiful? It comes from an incredible book and talks about an amazing woman.

The definition of virtuous is to have or show high moral standards.

We don’t find many women like this nowadays. Some may think it’s “extra” or “boring” to be virtuous, but it is a special trait that many lack.

This verse says that a virtuous woman’s worth is far above rubies, meaning she is valuable, and particularly so, because she is rare. Especially when most are following the crowd and giving in to peer pressure to do things they don’t even want to.

I choose to be true to myself and my beliefs. I have a conscience that won’t allow me to act unlike myself, because I believe in my worth and in who I am. I won’t be forced to do things I don’t want to and I don’t care if that makes me “weird” or outdated” to some.

I’d rather be virtuous than a follower.

What about you?

Mich x


What Are You a Product Of?


Good morning beautiful people. I am back with another Motivational Monday post for you all.

“You are a product of your decisions, not your circumstances.”

We like to play the victim, don’t we? We sure can be petty sometimes.

“It’s not my fault my dad doesn’t want anything to do with me”. “I didn’t ask to be born into this family”. “I can’t help that we live in this rundown area”.

Sound familiar? If not, I’m sure there’s been a time when you’ve complained about something that you can’t change, which is just as bad as the examples above.

It’s not because you were born into a poor family that you have to be poor for the rest of your life, or because you live in an area where people don’t make anything of themselves in life, that you have to be another statistic. Its not because you don’t look like her that you can’t have just as much of an impact as she does, and then some.

Why can’t you be the one who decides to make the difference? The key word is decide. You choose to do you, whether doing you is starting up a successful business, buckling down and getting that First degree, or giving in to peer pressure, getting involved with the wrong crowd and doing illegal things to make quick money. Either way, you can’t complain later on because you chose to do you, abi (meaning ‘isn’t it’, ‘yes’ or ‘right’ in Yoruba)?

Let’s just hope that the decisions you make get you somewhere in life, so you can be proud that you didn’t allow the circumstances to shape you.

Have a wonderful day.

Mich x



Choose Hope


It’s been a minute guys, but welcome back to another Motivational Monday post.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Sounds like pure cheese doesn’t it? But you can’t deny that it’s true.

As long as you continue to hope and believe in a dream, the possibility of it coming true is still on the table. Once you remove hope out of the equation, you can forget it. Things don’t happen out of thin air. What you believe in is what will come into existence, only because your belief will push you to fight for it. So if you give up and no longer have any hope, you won’t fight. Thus, your dream will remainsjust a dream.

I hope this inspires those of you who were about to give up to keep hoping.

Have a wonderful day!

Mich x


What’s in My Bag: Rose Gold Edition


I never thought I’d do a post like this, but I only recently realised that there is a colour scheme going on in my bag: rose gold.

I know this colour has been popular among millenials, but I didn’t think much of it until I found myself gravitating towards it whenever I had to choose something. Even my leaving card from my previous job was designed in black, white and gold because my friend said that she noticed those were the colours I wore the most (gold in accessories).

The two rose gold pouches are part of a trio that I impulse bought in Primark. It comes with a larger one, which I took with me to Paris (blog about my trip coming soon).

In the bigger pouch, I keep my larger essentials, such as body spray, deodorant, a hairbrush, hand cream and a discreet tin for sanitary towels/pantyliners. I take a lot of things to work with me, so it’s more organised to have them all in one place.

In the smaller pouch, I keep mints, a mirror, a pack of tissue, a Vaseline Lip Therapy tin and my travelcard when I’m not using it.

I specifically bought this purse for 2018. New year, new purse. It’s all about your mindset and how you see things, so there was no way I was starting 2018 with a crusty old purse.

For Christmas, I got a John Lewis gift card and some money, which I combined to purchase this Olivia Burton watch with a rose gold face. I love big face watches. I wanted something that I could wear for everyday use, but was still pretty. And voila, black and gold.

My Samsung Galaxy S7 is gold, and I bought this sparkly gold phone case a while ago. When my phone is not in my hand, I like to keep it in my bag, because I tend to feel like I’m addicted to it when I’m holding it but not using it.

What do you keep in your bag? Do you have a colour theme going on?

Mich x


A 2017 Retrospective


Happy New Year everyone!

Wow! I can’t believe yet another year has passed and we are already in 2018! I like to do a little retrospective of my year and look back on what was good and not-so-good. So, keep reading to see how my 2017 fared.

  • On 5 January 2017, I was in hospital. It was the first time I had ever stayed overnight in a hospital. I was battling severe eczema, and I had fainted in the shower three times. My skin would weep terribly, my blood pressure was low, and the lack of moisture in my skin was so bad that I would wake up with flakes of dead skin on the bedsheets. Gross, right? But here I am on 1 January 2018 with brand new skin and a clean bill of health. Multiple things led to that severe bout of eczema (the combined contraceptive pill, stress, and dairy), and it took a year of trial and error and many shed tears to figure out what was wrong with me. But I can’t thank God enough for seeing me through it, and for my wonderful husband for loving me when I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I can wear a full face of make-up again guys! And I promised God and myself that when I did overcome that battle, I would have more value for myself and the beauty that He has given me, because I know what it feels like to lose it.


  • I travelled three times. I went to Portugal for a friend’s wedding, I took Julious to Bournemouth for his birthday (it is still considered travelling even if you go somewhere in the UK right? haha), and we went to Alicante for our anniversary. When I lived at home, I never. went. anywhere. All my friends had been on a plane and I hadn’t. I knew that when I got married, we would be able to do so much more together than when I had when I was single. For some people, that’s the opposite, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But Julious and I both have the same goals and dreams, and we’ve found that we have freedom together to do what we couldn’t do without each other. And we plan to travel much more in 2018.

  • I celebrated my birthday. You guys don’t and probably won’t understand why this a big deal for me, so let me explain. The first year that Julious and I were married and my birthday came around, we were broke, so we could only go to TinselTown. The second year for my 25th, I was sick and we were still having a hard time financially, so I couldn’t do anything. But this year, my hubby took me to see the Lion King and to dinner at Burger & Lobster, which was my request. So the fact that we were able to do that was an achievement in itself, because not only did it mean that my health was coming back, but our financial state was improving.

    meal 2

  • I got a new job! A month before the end of the year, but I made it happen. I’m still on probation so I don’t have much to say about it yet, but I know that even greater things are to come.

This is only what has happened in my life this year. I haven’t even spoken about what God has done for my husband, but I am so grateful. Oh and before I forget, let me mention the blessing of making it to three years of marriage! For the first two years, we had to deal with two separate battles, but we won them by fighting together, and things are looking up. Things are good.

I’ve come to the end of 2017 and I’m happy. I kept God as my number one priority and He didn’t fail me. Even though I had my fights, He didn’t neglect me during those hard times. And He is the centre of it all and the reason for my joy, because if it hadn’t been for Him, I wouldn’t have this good news to give.

How was your 2017? Even if it wasn’t what you wanted it to be, things will change. It took two years of rain for me to finally enjoy the sun. It’s coming. Just don’t give up!


Don’t let your mistakes define you



Good morning all and happy Monday!

We are extremely close to Christmas and I am very excited about that, because… rest! That is all that concerns me right now. Food, family and chill (and I don’t mean in the Netflix way lol). I’m looking forward to spending it with my loved ones and eating a lot of good home-cooked food. Only in January will I rejoin the gym. That, my friends, is a promise!

“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

We all make mistakes. We cannot beat ourselves up for them or condemn others for making them, because we are all human. There are so many cliche quotes popping into my head right now:

“The only good thing that making mistakes is good for, is learning from them” (I’m sure I got that wrong haha).

“It’s not about the mistake you make, but what you do after that counts” (I’m sure that’s not it either, but you all get what I mean. Sounds very similar to today’s quote anyway).

But as cliche as it sounds, and as much as we hate to hear it when we find ourselves in that situation, it’s all true.

Bounce back. Don’t let your faults and failures define you. Let people remember you by the actions you take when you mess up. You’re sure to be respected for how you react positively in bad situations.

Have a great day!

Mich x