The Ruffle Jumpsuit: Holiday Edition


Pink Jumpsuit/ Sandals/ Sunglasses

At first glance, you might have thought I’d gone crazy. No sleeves? Sandals? Michelle, what are you doing?! Yes, the weather here in the UK has plummeted and it is the beginning of the worst of what is to come, but there is no way I would ever leave my house wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit and sandals in this season.

You would have noticed this linen ruffle jumpsuit in a previous post, where it made for a comfortable wedding guest outfit and when we all saw better days with the weather. Sun, I miss you!

Fortunately, this jumpsuit got to see the light of day again – holidaying with me in Greece!


When I bought it, I knew that I wanted to restyle it in a casual way, and I instantly transported myself a few months ahead to my 4-year anniversary getaway (last month). The hubby and I had an inkling of where we wanted to go – definitely somewhere with a beach – but we hadn’t narrowed it down then.

I wouldn’t usually buy linen, but it is breathable and ideal for warm weather. The temperature in Greece was perfect – in the low-to-mid 20s – because it was October, and only the beginning of Autumn.


I did a little exploring of the resort we were staying at in this outfit. Our holiday was more for relaxing than getting out and about, so wearing this was my for my own pleasure haha.

I’m sure I’ll find another way to bring this gem out of my wardrobe.


Mich x



The Cosy OTT Jumper


Burgundy jumper (similar here, here, here and here)/ Black culottes (similar here and here)/ Open toe ankle boots (similar here and here)

I love everything about this jumper. It’s burgundy (autumn vibes), stretchy, has bell sleeves and ruffles! What more could you ask for? It is so over-the-top but I love it! Autumn can’t ignore you when you’re wearing this!

That annoying one strand of hair 

The stretchy material makes it feel cosy. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday morning before my hubby and I flew to Greece for our 4-year anniversary getaway.

It was a crisp morning so this outfit was perfect. It actually felt like autumn.


Although it was cold, my favourite culottes and ankle boots kept most of my legs warm. I haven’t worn these open toe boots since last autumn, so it was nice for them to see the daylight.


Mich x


Green Plisse


Green plisse dress/White clutch bag (similar here and here)/White sandals

I never wear green. I have nothing green in my wardrobe, but I thought this plisse dress couldn’t hurt. I wore this outfit to another wedding. You all must think I am not serious at all. “How many weddings do you attend Michelle?” Don’t ask.

There was something about this dress that caught my attention. It had to be the knot at the front. I left it quite loose, although looking back I should have pulled it tighter. I didn’t secure it enough so I had to keep readjusting it throughout the day, but I like that you have the choice of how loose or tight you want to wear it.


Without the knot, this would be a simple, straight, shapeless dress. The plisse material is light, allowing you to move freely in it. It isn’t tight and the one-sided slit enables you to walk without looking like a penguin.


I wore my white clutch bag and sandals, which stands out against the green. To add warmth to my outfit, I wore my rose gold tassel earrings to match my Fitbit (don’t laugh – I wanted to look cute and still count my steps haha). 

I’ve gotten into a habit of carefully choosing what I buy, with the intention of wearing it again. I’m looking forward to restyling this dress.

What do you think of my millionth wedding outfit?

Mich x


Autumn is Here




Camel coat (similar here and here) / Red dress (similar here) / Boots

You wake up in the dark and go to sleep in the dark. It’s gloomy and colder, and on the day that I took these pictures, the rain had not stopped since morning. But I couldn’t pass on a photo op.

Autumn is here! So the boots and camel coat have made an official appearance. This coat is one of my autumn essentials. It’s warm, fitted and in a colour that represents this season well.

I wore this look to an afternoon tea on a Saturday afternoon. I had to battle the wind and rain to get there, but it was worth it in this outfit. Although red is bright and bold, it still pairs nicely with camel.

What are you wearing this season?

Mich x



Ruffle Jumpsuit

photo_2018-07-03_15-55-23photo_2018-07-03_15-55-23 (2)


Ruffle Jumpsuit / White Clutch Bag (similar here and here) / White Strappy Sandals (similar here and here)

I wore this pink striped jumpsuit to a wedding back in June. I think this has to be one of my favourite wedding guest outfits to date.

It is made from linen – a light, breathable and comfortable material, which is perfect for the summer heat.

My favourite thing about this jumpsuit is the ruffle cross-over. I doubt my love for frills will ever die. This jumpsuit would be plain without the ruffles.

I knew that I wanted to keep my accessories simple and monotone because the jumpsuit is a statement on its own. So, I wore my white strappy sandals, carried my simple white envelope clutch bag, and added gold coin drop earrings to match the gold accents on my bag. I kept my hair tied back in a ponytail so as not to distract from my outfit.

I plan to wear this jumpsuit again – possibly more toned down with white trainers for that casual look, or on holiday with slides on the beach.

Mich x


P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


Birthday Sequins


Midi Sequin Kimono Dress / Rose Gold Barely There Sandals

This was my official birthday outfit. I planned to celebrate my birthday the day after by having dinner with friends, so I really wanted to look special.

I saw this gorgeous sequin kimono dress on my fave online store and knew that I didn’t want to wear anything else. The problem was that it wasn’t available in my size. Still, I saved it and when it came back in stock, I was over the moon!

I had a few hiccups with it though. It came with an insert, which was tight and restricting. Thankfully,  I went to a tailor who was able to make a new one and sew the neckline further up so that it wasn’t revealing.

I kept the look monochrome with rose gold barely there sandals.

As I said on my Instagram post, everyone should sparkle on their birthday. What do you think? Did this dress scream “birthday girl”?

Mich x



P.s This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Flowers on Mesh

Sorry for the delay guys. It’s almost a month since my last post. It may be this way for a while because I have to use my hubby’s laptop for the time being, so I’ll try to steal it as often as I can.

At least I managed to get hold of it to give you today’s style post. This is the first of four birthday-related posts – two about what I wore and two about food (you’ll understand) , so stay tuned for those.

I turned 27 on June 24, a Sunday. I wasn’t expecting to do anything that day because I would be spending most of it in church. However, my hubby surprised me by telling me to order a dress from my fave online store because he would be taking me to dinner that evening.


Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress With Slip / Black Barely There Heeled Sandals

I picked this delicate mesh dress with flower embroidery. There’s so much going on – the neck tie, the elasticated waist that cinched me in comfortably, and the embroidery, of course. Yet, none of this takes away from how simple and beautiful this dress is.

It actually comes as two separates – the slip and the mesh that makes the dress what it is. It’s breathable, which was ideal because it was hot that day (and has been getting hotter ever since, am I right?). I’ve actually worn the slip separately with a white t-shirt underneath, so it’s like getting two dresses for the price of one.

I kept the palette all black with my barely there sandals, which damaged the back of my left foot. Seriously! I had to ask the waitress at the restaurant for a plaster because it cut me deep. It has only scabbed over now. However, don’t panic in case you want to get the shoes. It was my fault because I didn’t secure the fastening tight enough.

I was really feeling myself because I’d gotten my hair done two days before. It was actually a momentous occasion because I haven’t been able to have braids done for the past two years due to the battle I had with eczema. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know about that. You can get clued up here.


Dinner was lovely, so like I said, stay tuned for where my hubby took me. It was really nice just being alone with him. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves – no he didn’t book the whole thing out haha; there was no one else there. But I’ve said too much already.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a great Monday.

Mich x



P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.