Who would’ve thought that I’d enjoy wearing the colour red so much? Let me tell you that for years I have been shying away from it. I thought that it didn’t suit me and it was just too bold for my taste.

But it’s only recently that I have been loving how vibrant it is. To be honest, I only have one other red item in my wardrobe, but I love it and have worn it many times.


I wore this outfit to a friend’s birthday, but the idea to put it all together was conceived once I laid eyes on this skirt from ASOS. I’ve never worn anything like it before, but the high waist, asymmetric midi length and the tie belt called to me.

I knew that I wanted to pair it with a t-shirt, because I am loving printed t-shirts at the moment. I wanted to follow the red theme, so this ‘Royal’ gem was perfect.


I have also never worn espadrilles, just admiring them from afar. And I don’t regret finally taking the plunge. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn! I went for a lower heel height and the material that the ties are made of make them steadfast, so they hold well and don’t slip down your leg.


I completed the look with a denim jacket and my red circle bag which seems to be in high circulation, but what else can you expect when it’s from Primark haha.


Red has stolen my heart. It’s a great accent colour, and I’ve worn it this way often, especially when dressed in black and white. But it’s nice to make it the centre of attention sometimes.

Royal t-shirt / Denim jacket / Red skirt / Espadrilles / Red circle bag – Primark

Mich x



Spring Colours for a Spring Wedding


Yellow dressNude heels

I went to a wedding at the end of last month, for which I wore this gorgeous yellow lace dress. It wasn’t tight-fitting, but skimmed my figure leaving enough room for me to enjoy the reception meal and get down on the dance floor.

I love heels and sometimes do end up enduring a bit of pain, but these nudes are one of my comfier pairs. With the wedding being in Spring, yellow was the perfect colour to represent the season. I almost paired the dress with black block-heeled sandals, but I wanted to keep it classy, and I was able to stand in my heels for longer than usual.


The wedding reception took place in a stunning hotel in central London, so whilst waiting for the newlyweds to arrive, my friends and I made the most of our stylish settings. My hubby even got involved.


This has to be one of my favourite pictures that we’ve ever taken together. I have to give a special shoutout to a friend who’s good with a camera. She knows who she is.

Mich x



Take Two: The Lace Insert Dress


Dress: ASOS / Heels: ASOS (similar here)

Does this dress look familiar? I wore it to a wedding this past weekend, and if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s the same dress as this blue one from this post, but I prefer it in pink. I think that the pink complements my skin tone better.


I love the lace insert detail and the high neck, which I find flattering. To be honest, this dress wasn’t my first choice. Why would I want to wear the exact same dress that I’ve worn before in a different colour, unless I loved it that much? Well, I had been struggling to find an outfit and I wasn’t feeling inspired by anything I saw on ASOS (my go-to online shopping destination), but I found this on there and just went for it.


I actually ended up being quite pleased with my choice. The weather was great, so the light material and it being sleeveless was perfect, and the pleats added that feminine touch. I felt girly and loved it. I’m becoming more of a lover of the colour pink.

Mich x


Hot Pink Ankara

Hey guys!

Another wedding, another outfit post, am I right?

I got to have an outfit made out of this vibrant hot pink and gold ankara material for a friend’s wedding. I wanted a midi dress with bell sleeves, which I am loving lately, and here is the result.



I paired them with rose gold strappy heels. They were out of my comfort zone and a little more daring than I’m used to, but the more I looked at them, the more I liked them.

My husband got to use the material to make something too, so we went to Elom Doussey Tailoring, and he designed and hand made this shirt.


You can check out his Instagram page for more of his work.

I love getting to make whatever I want out of African material. It gives you a chance to be creative.

What do you think?

Mich x


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The little black wrap dress

The wrap dress has been around a lot lately, and I finally got my hands on one. From ASOS no doubt, including the shoes people. You guys already know. I can’t seem to stay away from that site when choosing something to wear. It’s very hard for me. I guess it’s because I trust their products, next day delivery, free returns and all that. And I haven’t yet come across someone else wearing the same dress as me at the same time, so…touch wood.

Anyway onto the outfit. This is what I wore for my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner.




Wrap dress – ASOS

Heels – ASOS

Earrings – H&M 

I tried to add a little colour with the blue tassel earrings that everyone has also been wearing lately too (I didn’t even know Topshop sold the same earrings until way after I’d bought mine). Don’t know if it worked though because of my long hair in the way.

Does anyone else have the problem of their wrap dress flapping open? It had to be windy that day. Thank God I had cycling shorts on underneath and that I got a lift to the restaurant that day. You’ve got to be extra careful with the peepshow.

These shoes! My new favourites by the way. Got them for my work Christmas party and wore them for four hours straight. It hurt like hell but they were just. so. pretty.

Have a good day all!

This post is not sponsored.

Mich x


Blue aso ebi






Good morning all. No Motivational Monday post in sight today, but a lovely outfit that I really like.

This is a tailor-made dress. I was a bridesmaid for a very good friend back in September, and we were given this material to make anything with it for the second part of the wedding. For those who don’t know, in many weddings where the couple are of African descent, they and the bridal party will often change into an African tailor-made outfit. The material and pattern will depend on where exactly the couple are from.

The bride’s sister got this fabulous material for us straight from Nigeria. This particular lace texture is called aso ebi (asho-eybee). I was inspired to have this design made because of a similar dress that I had seen on ASOS. It sold out before I had the chance to buy it, but I decided that after wearing this dress for my friend’s wedding, I would wear it for another that I was due to attend the month after. I paired it with silver open toe sandals and accessories, because I think that silver complements the vibrant blue.

The tailor added padding inside the dress so that it’s not bodycon (I really can’t stand that material), but elegantly outlines my shape. What do you all think?

Mich x


A lace number





Black lace dress

Black pointed flats

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re all well. I’m back from my holiday in Alicante with the hubby. More details about the trip coming soon.

The reason for the trip was my third anniversary, and the week before, my hubby and I went for dinner. I wanted to wear something nice for him. It was fortunate that I found this dress from New Look the day before, and was able to have it arrive with next day delivery.

I put it on at the office with black stiletto heels, but I just wasn’t feeling the look. I’m not used to wearing close-fitting dresses so, I felt uncomfortable and ‘naked’. I wore my flats to the restaurant and kept them on. And when my hubby took these pictures, I preferred the look with flats, as opposed to in heels.

The lace detail is what captured me; it is one of my favourite textures. The front was a little low so, I wore a black vest underneath.

The dress also comes in white and red.

Mich x