Armani Diamonds Rose


Armani Diamonds Rose Eau De Toilette

I have no perfume left. My last and most treasured bottle (one of two of my favourite scents)—White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor—was thrown away at the airport because I packed over the limit of liquids allowed in a carry-on . Every girl has their go-to bottle and at the time, White Diamonds was mine. I had barely used it up. I was so disappointed.

A month later, I decided that it was time to get another perfume to use as my go-to scent. I chose Armani Diamonds Rose online without knowing what it smelt like. When I got to The Perfume Shop, I loved it. I’m not fussy with scents, but this seemed perfect for spring and summer. It’s fragrance is light and not overpowering at all.

Its top notes are: Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Bergamot. Its heart notes are: Lily of the Valley, Bulgarian Rose and Freesia Accord, and its base notes are: Patchouli, Ambret Seeds Accord and Woody Amber Accord.

This perfume was released in 2013, but I had never considered it until now. And I am loving it!

Mich x


Be proactive!



Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend? I spent my Saturday at the Saatchi Gallery to see the Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition with my friend (post coming soon), and then we went to Covent Garden to get dinner and dessert.

I spent Sunday in church as I do every week. It was a pretty great weekend, especially since the weather decided to behave itself, bar a few insignificant showers on Saturday morning and afternoon.

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming.”

I love this quote because it reminds me that I cannot just sit still, looking up at the clouds, wishing that everything would change. I have to make it happen.

Life is about growth, evolving, developing, becoming a better version of yourself day by day. The way that I think now has changed so much from when I was in my teens. I dream bigger and believe in so much more, and what I am capable of.

We need to be proactive. The difference between those who are achieving their dreams and those who are sulking is, action. Yours may take longer to conquer than others, but as long as you are doing something, it will happen. That’s why it’s important not to watch what other people are doing, because if you are not moving as quickly as they are, you tend to become discouraged. It’s human nature.

Keep your dream alive by doing something about it. Be it. Become it. But don’t do nothing.

Have a great day!

Mich x


Rusty linen








Dress: ASOS

Sandals: Boohoo (Sold out but identical here)

Bag: ASOS (Sold out. Similar here and here)

I wore this rust coloured dress to a wedding over the weekend. When I first got it in the post and tried it on, I didn’t like it because of the material. There is nothing wrong with linen, but it is not what I am used to. ASOS is my go-to online site for dresses, and most of the styles that I buy are made of a jersey material. Plus linen creases easily, so I shy away from it.

However, my husband and friend liked it, so I kept it. It turned out to be one of the best dresses I have bought and I really liked the way I looked. The weather was wonderfully warm and linen is light, so I was comfortable throughout the day.

I styled the dress with white sandals and a white envelope clutch bag with gold hardware. I was going to buy sandals with block heels, but I didn’t realise that I’d ordered wide fit, so when they came, they were way too big. There were none in a normal fit, so I went for the usual, which I loved. I think that heels are becoming my favourite thing, so I even preferred these over block heels.

I also curled my hair for the first time and have worn it curly all week. It’s a nice change and my husband loves it.

The wedding was wonderful and I am very happy for the couple. It was a lovely day spent with friends and celebrating the happiness of others.

Mich x


P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Believe in your beauty


Happy Monday everyone! What did you all get up to over the weekend? I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was simply beautiful. I was truly happy for the couple because it had been a long journey to finding each other, but God blessed them greatly.

Today’s quote:

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

When a woman is physically attractive it cannot be denied. But have you ever seen a beautiful woman who only speaks filth, nonsense or negativity when she opens her mouth? I believe that ruins everything—I can no longer see how flawless her skin is or notice her perfectly chiseled jawline because for me, beauty isn’t just about how attractive you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside and your attitude.

Of course, if said woman is gorgeous and a sweetheart, then she is well and truly blessed, but back to my point about your internal beauty.

You may not be drop-dead gorgeous, but as long as you believe in your beauty through your own eyes, and don’t base it on how other people see you, then you will exude beauty in the form of self-confidence. You will walk with your head held high and won’t care what beauty is according to the media, magazines and trends. You are one of a kind. And you are beautiful, but you have to believe it. Attitude is everything.

Have a wonderful day.

Mich x




Vapiano is what I like to call the Italian fast food restaurant. You get a card on the way in, choose your seat and your meal, and take it to the chefs at the counters to fix it up fresh for you.

I had forgotten I had been here before a while ago. This time I came with my husband and brother and sister-in-law last week on Bank Holiday Monday. After my meal, it was clear why I couldn’t remember my first visit.

ravioli con carne

I ordered the Ravioli Con Carne with chilli and garlic, in a tomato sauce. When the chef took the ravioli out of the freezer, the first thought that came into my head was: “Is that all?” I tried to play it down with the fact that I was seemingly satisfied afterwards, but truthfully, I wanted more.

It was, however, cooked in a delicious tomato sauce and the garlic added flavour.

pollo piccante

My husband chose the Pollo Piccante. What disappointed me was the ratio of chicken to pasta. The chef took a portion as small as three fingers and cut it up whilst frying it. Even I felt bad for my hubby because he loves his chicken.

Like my dish, his meal was very flavourful—so much so, that he couldn’t finish it because it became a bit sickening towards the end. That was a shame.

To be honest, I left the restaurant very unsatisfied. I had wanted a lemon sorbet to curb my appetite, but they were all out—at 1.30pm on a bank holiday!

I guess it’s okay if you’re popping in for lunch during working hours, but I was looking forward to having an enjoyable and hearty meal on a bank holiday with family. Wrong choice for the wrong day? Possibly, but I don’t think I’ll be going back.

Have you ever been to Vapiano? What did you think?

Mich x


*P.S This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

The purpose of life’s challenges


Happy Monday all! How was your weekend?

Today’s happy quote is:

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyse you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.

There are some problems that we face in life where their sole purpose is only to show us who we are. Sometimes we think we are something that we are not—that we are strong and ready to overcome the world, when in reality we could crumble at the next hurdle. It’s a hard truth to face, but it’s a good thing. It enables you to fix up and really become who you need to be.

I have had to deal with this recently. Looking in the mirror was difficult because I saw who I really was. And I’ve been working on myself ever since. Even though this problem is hard to swallow, one thing I can admit is that it has made me stronger. But that’s me choosing to see it in a positive light.

You will never be free of problems. Life just isn’t like that, so the least you can do is face it head on full of determination and positivity. And become a better you in the process.

All the best.

Mich x





Hana is a Japanese sushi restaurant based in Finsbury Park. It is easy to pass by, but don’t be fooled by its simple exterior. The limited space, dark ambience and small wooden tables give it an oriental feel that is hard to deny. But the food is all that really matters.

Gyoza 1

For starters, I had the Prawn Gyoza—deep fried prawn dumplings served with a vinegary soy sauce. The Gyoza was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside—the perfect combination of textures. The sauce added a sour and tangy touch to a satisfying starter.

Ramen 1

First of all, kudos to Hana on bringing out my starters and main roughly at the same time. But this Chicken Ramen was one heck of a dish. Look at the size of it! I just about finished it all, and you can bet that I was duly gorged by the end of it. I just wanted to sleep afterwards.

Ramen is a Japanese specialty—the balanced mixture of noodles, vegetables, soup and chicken was more than enough. I even ate the seaweed!

The developing queue outside of the restaurant was a testament to its popularity. It is most likely the reason why our food arrived so quickly, because of how busy they get.

With very affordable prices, I would definitely make another trip to this little piece of oriental food heaven.

Hana has various opening times, so make sure to get there as soon as, or a little after they open to guarantee your seat. See their website for times.

Mich x


P.S. This is not a sponsored post; I’m just a certified foodie.