The shoes everyone is wearing this summer

Blue Suedette Heeled Mules

Mules! Whoever thought these would be back in fashion, eh? I remember wearing my mother’s black leather block-heeled mules around the house when I couldn’t be bothered to fetch my slippers from upstairs.

Now they are back and chicer than ever, and they have definitely grown on me. They come in different colours, patterns, with criss-cross details, low and mid heels. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. They are perfect if you want to wear heels but don’t want to wear heels, if you catch my drift.


I bought these to complete my birthday outfit. How could I not? They were on sale at New Look for £10! I wanted to be comfortable and at ease. I didn’t mind not dressing up so much, seeing as part two of my birthday celebrations includes going to dinner on the day this post goes live. So I will dress up a little for that. A post about how I styled these mules for my birthday will be up next week.

This vibrant shade of blue is my favourite colour. I used to wear blue ALL. THE. TIME! My wardrobe was full of it. I have toned it all the way down, and now I only have four blue items in my wardrobe, including these mules.


What do you think of this summer trend? Do you own a pair of mules? If so, in what colour?

P.S This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Mich x



14 thoughts on “The shoes everyone is wearing this summer

  1. Lol, funny enough, I’ve been thinking the same thing! It’s amazing how things always come into fashion. I own a black pair myself… comfy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I was feeling to go for something bold and unexpected, but I think they could work with a lot of outfits. 🙂


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