Better, not bitter


Another week, another Monday.

Today’s quote from my happy jar is pretty self-explanatory.

I’m sure we’ve all heard before that the only thing our past is good for, is learning from it.

Unfortunately, I’ve met people who can’t let go of their past. It’s sad to say, but they are actually very frustrating to talk to. Nothing you say can snap them out of the dark cloud their head is permanently under, no matter how positive it is. People like this are difficult to help. I understand that they may have been through so much, but a lot of people have.

The difference between those who lead better lives today and others who are down in the dumps, is that the former have made a conscious decision to not allow their past to dictate their future, and allowed those who offered to help, to do just that, instead of using, ‘but this happened and that happened’ as an excuse to wallow in self-pity.

Everyone has a story to tell. Just make sure you can look back on it and smile because of how far you have come.

Enjoy your day.

Mich x



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