Letting go


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a new week. I hope that it is good to you.

Life is full of choices, from the moment we wake up until we lay our heads down to sleep at night. But it’s not the superficial decisions that we have to pay much attention to – like what to wear that dayย or whether you should take the bus or tube to work, but the life-altering ones. The decisions like whether you should continue to associate with a group of people that you have realised are way too negative, or whether that guy is really the one for you, even though he is exuding worrying behaviours.

Just like the quote in the image says, it is not always holding on to something that makes you strong, but also letting go. The key is to be able to discern when either is necessary. In the two examples that I have given, letting go may definitely be an option. You have to always prioritise your wellbeing, and if being around someone or doing something does not add anything positive to your life, let go of it. Sometimes that can be hard. The heart wants what the heart wants as they say, but when you put your mind above your heart and make rational decisions, you will definitely thank yourself for it.

Be wise. Do what is good for you. And sometimes that means just letting go.

I know that I have had to apply this to my life. It was difficult in the first instance, but I was definitely better off for it. What about you guys? Have you had to let go of something that you thanked yourself for in the long run? Let me know.

Have a great day!

Mich x



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