Strength and honour


Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s happy quote is:

Strength and honour are her clothing and she will rejoice in time to come.

We women are strong. Our strength may not lie in our arms, but we have it all stored up in our heads and hearts. We have been built to endure so much. Do I have to mention ‘childbirth’ as an example?

But of course, that is not the only example. Although we are emotional creatures, we understand things on a different level. We are survivors. We are resourceful with our hands, and can make the best out of anything. It’s a skill that is deep down within us.

The quote above is actually about such a woman in the Bible – smart, savvy, resourceful, tender, strong, an example. I’ve read about her many times. We women have these traits. We can make a difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of our families and those around us.

You are strong.

Remember that.

Mich x



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