Bella Italia


Bella Italia provides you with a wonderful taste of Italian food. I was treated to a meal there by a woman who is like a mother to me. We were due a date, so the last day of work before the holidays was the perfect opportunity. We paid a visit to the branch in Angel, Islington.


For starters, I had the Mini Ciabatta Bites baked in hot garlic butter. It seemed to be an interesting take on the familiar garlic bread. The ciabatta bites were soft and doughy, and the garlic butter did not have an overpowering taste as garlic bread usually does. Although there were seven bites, they were quite light so that I was not full before having my main.


Pizza – what a typical choice for an Italian restaurant, right? I normally try not to go for the options that you could either buy as a takeout, or what you would make at home for dinner, like pasta. But I am surely realising that restaurants with speciality dishes, like Italians and their pasta/pizzas or Indians and their curries, tend to make those meals better than you would at home. The Pepperoni Piccante was no exception.

All it had were two toppings – Italian pepperoni and green chillies, but the simpler, the better. The dough was deliciously soft making it easy to slice through, and it was all served with a colourful side salad. I enjoyed the spicy kick that the green chillies gave to the meal.


Lastly, dessert was Vanilla Cheesecake – vanilla and mascarpone cheesecake, topped with chocolate tagliatelle and served with a pot of fresh cream. It was just right – not too sweet, and the cream was a pleasant addition. It was light and a lovely finish to a wonderful afternoon.

Afterwards, I went home and had a nap, my belly content with the taste of Bella Italia.

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.



10 thoughts on “Bella Italia

  1. My parents went to Italy two years ago, but my Dad was never much into pizza… I need to ask my Mum where the pizza is the closest to Italian one. Recently they opened Domino’s near my flat which is a new thing in my country…


    1. There are a lot of places that do a really good pizza. However, I believe that the most authentic taste will only be found in Italy itself. 😊


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