Don’t look back

Source: Pinterest

Happy Monday everyone!

This quote is reflective of the fact that in about two weeks, 2017 will arrive.

You may have conquered all that you set out to this year, and that’s great! But this post is more for people who didn’t, like me.

I refuse to fret about all the things I didn’t manage to achieve because I have been given a new opportunity to try again – 2017! I’m going to plan smarter, work harder and force results. Every year has to be better than the last. But before I even start dreaming of a new year, I’ll keep in mind that 2016 isn’t over yet. Anything can happen. So here’s hoping.

On a different note, today is my last week at work and I’m excited. Tomorrow we’ll be going to a Brazilian rodizio for our staff dinner, and on Thursday, my department are having our own little Christmas party and giving our secret friend gifts. I can’t wait to give mine!

Have a great day!

Mich x



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