Dainty details


Happy Friday everyone!

Ending the week with a post highlighting my growing love for dainty and delicate jewellery pieces.

This ring necklace is from H&M, but is not available on the website. However, you can see similar alternatives here, here and here. I bought this when I was with my very good friend and we both decided to purchase it. It was just £2.99 in store. Until then, I had really wanted a gold chain to make a subtle difference to my outfits. Anything gold suits me better than silver because I have a warm undertone, so I always gravitate towards gold jewellery.

This cute bracelet was a random gift from the same friend; a lovely and unexpected surprise. It still follows the dainty theme with the flower charm adding that something special.

I used to love chunky, statement pieces, especially necklaces. I still do, but lately I have shied away from the large and obvious and drawn closer to the graceful and ambiguous.

Minimal jewellery makes a lovely gift. Why not consider it as a present for your loved ones this holiday? I have included some examples below. Have a browse and have an excellent weekend.

Mich x


Kaytie Wu Gold Crystal Circle Pendant
Gold and silver tone twisted ring necklace
Gold Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace
Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring Charm Necklace


Gold Plated Sterling Silver Fine ID Bracelet
Metal Beaded Knot Bracelet
Shapes Open Cuff Bracelet
2-pack bracelets


Gold Plated Sterling Silver Open Star Ring
Merci Maman Personalised Initial Heart Ring
Fine Multi Gemstone Birthstone Gold Stacking Ring
Dainty Sparklers Bar Ring

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