A cozy night in

We are getting closer to the days when we can all snuggle up on the sofa watching Christmas movies after a large Christmas dinner with the family. These moments are my favourite thing about the holiday season.

This year, my husband and I will be heading down to Luton to see my parents, so I will be spending Christmas in the home I grew up in. I can’t wait!

We have a routine that we follow religiously: I go to the Christmas service in the morning; I come home and help my parents cook the rest of the Christmas dinner they have started; we enjoy dinner and dessert together (I always have a chocolate gateau because I don’t like Christmas pudding); then my mum brings out the Christmas goodies and snacks and we either have a nap or go into the living room to watch films whilst we finish off all of the junk food.

To get you into the cozy holiday mood, I have compiled a collage of items that make up the definition of a cozy night in for myself.



 1.  Honeycombe Dressing Gown

2. Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle

3. Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug

4. River Island Faux Fur Slippers

5. Satin Button Through Pyjama Set

Mich x


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


26 thoughts on “A cozy night in

  1. Aww, I love this! I hope you have a lovely time in Luton with your family! I think it’s always a wee bit more magical to spend christmas in your childhood home; you kind of slip back into that excited mindset again! Candles, cosy slippers, fairy lights, junk food – it all sounds like a dream! I’m really going to miss christmas with my fam this year, but I love reading all about other people’s traditions too! Hope this Christmas is a magical and lovely one for all of you!


    Anne // http://www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk


    1. I am in love with candles. And my eyes always scour when I’m out too haha. I thought that this suggestion may smell good. 😊


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