Ted Baker travel size body spray review


This cute bottle of body spray by Ted Baker is travel size and part of a cute gift set from this post from last week. I decided to review it, incase any one of you are considering a gift set as a present for your friends or loved ones this season.

I wasn’t aware that Ted Baker even manufactured fragrances, so it was a nice surprise. As previously mentioned, I couldn’t use the body souffle, body wash or bubble bath that came within the set, so the body spray excited me the most.

It has a wonderful, refreshing, sweet scent, the kind that you could sniff all day. It reminds me of new blooms in spring, despite the fact that it is getting to winter and the season of fresh flowers is still a way off. But that’s what makes it special – a reminder of things to come.

Because it is a body spray, it isn’t long-lasting, so I often need to spray myself more than once a day. I’m sure that if this was a perfume instead, the scent would last longer.

The fact that it is travel size makes it ideal to carry in your bag throughout the day, or to take with you on holiday.

Overall, I love this little gem and it’s my November favourite so far, so I thank my manager for the sweet gift.

I’ve linked some Ted Baker gift sets below. Christmas is almost here and some present ideas can’t hurt. Will you be getting your loved ones a Ted Baker gift set this year?

Ted Baker Eau de Toilette Gift Set For Her
Ted Women’s Sticking Filler Christmas gift set 
Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Beauty Bag
Ted Baker Mia Fragrance and Gift Set

Mich x


This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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