White and blue to a summer wedding







Blazer: Primark

Cami: Select

Bottom: Select

Shoes: New Look

Now, this is an improvement and much more of an appropriate outfit compared to what I wore to a previous wedding (see that post here). Yay! I was much happier with this look, and I got a lot of compliments for it. It’s a fact that when we look good, we feel good and are more confident.

By the way, I still hadn’t been shopping by the time this wedding arrived, which means that I could have tried harder to put a better outfit together for the previous wedding the week before. No matter how much we complain that we have no clothes, whilst gazing at our full wardrobes, we can always find something to wear—even if it does mean repeating an outfit (shh, yes I said it).

The colour palette is pretty basic—white and blue with no variations; the skirt and heels are literally the same shade of baby blue. But the fact that it’s so put together makes me love it even more. It’s not always about complicated, detailed outfits. Sometimes something simple goes a long way.

I also have this thing about wearing white to weddings, but believe that white tops and skirts are fine—not together, of course. White dresses and especially lace, white dresses are a huge NO NO for me. I just feel that it’s a big disrespect to the bride and I would never do it.

What do you think is appropriate wedding-wear?

Mich x



16 thoughts on “White and blue to a summer wedding

  1. you look beautiful! the skirt is awesome 🙂 And I agree, I’ve been re-visiting my “old” pieces trying to come up with new ways to wear them!I do not need any new clothes to be honest, I can hardly fit any more in my wardrobe and who cares if I’ve worn an outfit before! I’m having a huge clearout this weekend, wanna get back to basics! :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


    1. Thank you Pam. I know that I definitely need new clothes loool. Just haven’t had the means to get them so gotta make it work with what I have.
      Can’t wait to see what you come up withz with your ‘oldies’ 🙂 x


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