Optical illusion






Top – Primark

Bottoms – Primark (similar here)

Sandals – 2020ave (similar here and here)

This post should actually be entitled what-to-wear-to-a-wedding-when-you-have-no-clothes-or-money. Yes, I wore this to a wedding and as much as I like this ensemble, I don’t think it’s wedding-worthy. At all! I was struggling to find something to wear in a wardrobe that needs a complete revamp, but had no money to do so. I felt so insecure the whole time sitting in the church; thank God I was only invited to the ceremony. I wouldn’t have been able to handle going to the reception in this get-up.

I think this would have been more appropriate for a fancy night out with the girls or date night. I could have chosen not to put this outfit up, but hey, I’m human and I don’t always get it right. Yes, sometimes I do wear the wrong outfit to a particular function and I’m still learning. It actually makes me laugh when I look back at some of my previous outfits and just think ‘WHYYY?’

On a more positive note, I love the illusion that these trousers give. They say that vertical stripes make you appear slimmer and wearing this outfit, I did look taller too. I would so wear this again, just never to a wedding.

Have you ever made an outfit blunder? Go on, admit it. Haven’t we all? *wink*

Also, an update: I’ve finally found a new job as a PA. Woo! I’m happier about the fact that I’m working again, but let’s see how things go. This could lead me anywhere.

And… this was the first time I have been able to wear a full face of makeup since the eczema dilemma. I’m taking it easy and allowing my skin to breathe, but it’s nice to be able to wear foundation after so long.

Mich x



7 thoughts on “Optical illusion

  1. Well I think you look lovely! Like you, I like to see a formal ‘wedding-worthy’ outfit at nuptials, but I have seen jeans and (wait for it) tracksuit bottoms before now, so you are most definitely way out in front. Congratulations on the new job… From one PA to another 😊 Sue J – The World of Suzy Homemaker via Google+ WordPress Blog community


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