Motivational Monday’s series

Happy Monday everyone! I know, it sounds so weird doesn’t it. Ha!

I decided that I’m going to start a motivational series where I’ll be sharing short positive posts to help you start off the week. Because let’s face it, it’s not always so easy to get out of bed early on a Monday morning with a smile on your face, as though you were in a Disney movie.

Sometimes, it will be a quote or picture and other times,Β it will be a personal experience, but the aim is to encourage. Not just you all, but myself too.

So, I’ll start of Motivational Monday’s with this:

Source: Pinterest

You are what you think. There’s something that I’ve learnt through this journey called life. We all face troubles and unexpected problems, but no problem lasts forever. It is guaranteed to come to an end. Sometimes that takes a week, a month and even years, but it never lasts. Keep telling yourself that good things are going to happen and they eventually will. Trust me, it has worked for me.

Take care and have a great start to the week.

Mich x



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