More than a denim shirt







Top: Peacocks (Similar here and here)

Bottom: New Look

Heels: New Look

I love denim. Funny story about this particular shirt. I bought it whilst I still lived at home with my parents, sister and brother. One day it mysteriously disappeared. My sister liked to borrow my clothes without asking, but when I asked her if she had it, she denied it. Not believing her word, I would search her room over and over and still not find it. But I was convinced she had it, because no one else would take my clothes and after getting washed it couldn’t just disappear. Funnily enough, I didn’t buy a new one.

Time passed, I got married and moved to London. During my visits to my parents’, I like to search for anything I may have left behind. Lo and behold, on one of my visits, I found my denim shirt in a pile of clothes in… you guessed it… my sister’s room. I was so ecstatic to have it back and have been wearing it ever since.

You know a piece of clothing is good quality when it lasts you years.

On this occasion, I built my outfit around my baby blue heels because I don’t wear them often. The first item I thought of was my denim shirt. I needed it to look dressed up, so I went for all-blue details with matching necklace and earrings. When I’m wearing it casually, I usually don’t do the buttons all the way up and don’t wear any jewellery.

 How do you style your denim shirts?

 Mich x


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