Food review: Sensations


Sensations is an ice cream parlour located in Holloway, North London. It is fairly new, having only opened in September 2014. The first time that I visited it, I had the gelato in a chocolate-dipped cone to go, which was delicious. But on this particular visit, I was treated to their waffles.


I picked the Ferrero Rocher waffle, which was doused in melted chocolate, chopped nuts and ferrero rochers, accompanied with a side of vanilla ice cream. You can choose between ice cream or whipped cream.

I started off well, but wasn’t able to finish my dessert. It ended up tasting quite sickly. I think I realise now that I can’t stomach a lot of chocolate as well as I used to. I’m just getting older I suppose. I have to be honest and say that my favourite part of the dessert was the ice cream. And between you and me, I think I may be developing an allergy to hazelnuts. My lips were tingling. Uh oh.

On the plus side, the waffles are made fresh and I can commend it for being light and fluffy, yet filling.


Since my last visit, stack pancakes and churros have been introduced to the menu. My friend picked the churros with the choice of a white chocolate dip, and one scoop of lemon sorbet. I had a taste and I preferred her dessert to my own. Even whilst being covered in sugar, the churros weren’t too sweet and were warm with a fluffy consistency.

Although I didn’t have a good experience with my chosen dessert—purely through fault of my own—, Sensations will always be my favourite ice cream parlour compared to others I have tried.

If you have a sweet tooth and a weak spot for dessert, I do suggest you give Sensations a try. It is located on 298-300 Holloway Road, London, N7 6NJ.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Mich x


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