The Cosy OTT Jumper


Burgundy jumper (similar here, here, here and here)/ Black culottes (similar here and here)/ Open toe ankle boots (similar here and here)

I love everything about this jumper. It’s burgundy (autumn vibes), stretchy, has bell sleeves and ruffles! What more could you ask for? It is so over-the-top but I love it! Autumn can’t ignore you when you’re wearing this!

That annoying one strand of hair 

The stretchy material makes it feel cosy. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday morning before my hubby and I flew to Greece for our 4-year anniversary getaway.

It was a crisp morning so this outfit was perfect. It actually felt like autumn.


Although it was cold, my favourite culottes and ankle boots kept most of my legs warm. I haven’t worn these open toe boots since last autumn, so it was nice for them to see the daylight.


Mich x


Green Plisse


Green plisse dress/White clutch bag (similar here and here)/White sandals

I never wear green. I have nothing green in my wardrobe, but I thought this plisse dress couldn’t hurt. I wore this outfit to another wedding. You all must think I am not serious at all. “How many weddings do you attend Michelle?” Don’t ask.

There was something about this dress that caught my attention. It had to be the knot at the front. I left it quite loose, although looking back I should have pulled it tighter. I didn’t secure it enough so I had to keep readjusting it throughout the day, but I like that you have the choice of how loose or tight you want to wear it.


Without the knot, this would be a simple, straight, shapeless dress. The plisse material is light, allowing you to move freely in it. It isn’t tight and the one-sided slit enables you to walk without looking like a penguin.


I wore my white clutch bag and sandals, which stands out against the green. To add warmth to my outfit, I wore my rose gold tassel earrings to match my Fitbit (don’t laugh – I wanted to look cute and still count my steps haha). 

I’ve gotten into a habit of carefully choosing what I buy, with the intention of wearing it again. I’m looking forward to restyling this dress.

What do you think of my millionth wedding outfit?

Mich x


Autumn is Here




Camel coat (similar here and here) / Red dress (similar here) / Boots

You wake up in the dark and go to sleep in the dark. It’s gloomy and colder, and on the day that I took these pictures, the rain had not stopped since morning. But I couldn’t pass on a photo op.

Autumn is here! So the boots and camel coat have made an official appearance. This coat is one of my autumn essentials. It’s warm, fitted and in a colour that represents this season well.

I wore this look to an afternoon tea on a Saturday afternoon. I had to battle the wind and rain to get there, but it was worth it in this outfit. Although red is bright and bold, it still pairs nicely with camel.

What are you wearing this season?

Mich x



Dairy-free Discoveries: Oatly Oat Milk

I’ve decided to introduce a new segment to my blog. Everyone must surely know by now that I developed a milk and egg allergy two years ago. It was difficult to deal with for the first year, and that was my transition period – coming to terms with the fact that I can no longer eat what I like when I like.

It’s such an ugly allergy because you are so limited. There is milk and egg in almost everything! But it did get easier, and I am now at a point where I’m used to not being able to eat whatever I want.

Thankfully, the world is changing and adapting to the influx of vegans and those who are gluten free. I’m not vegan by the way. I still love my meat.

Anyway, every month I will be sharing one of my dairy-free life-changing discoveries in this Dairy-free Discoveries segment. You have no idea how happy I am when I find an alternative I can eat!

So let me introduce my first discovery:


Oatly Oat Drink and Oatly Barista Edition

Finding a milk alternative took me such a long time. Along with the milk allergy, my body began to reject many of the nuts I could eat before, so almond milk was a no-no for me. I’m also allergic to soya and all the other milk alternatives are watery, so this didn’t work for me when I was used to drinking the green-lid milk. My mum would buy the long-life milk from Costco, which is deliciously creamy. So, I set my standards too high and kept disappointing myself.

But when I discovered the Swedish Oatly’s Oat Milk, I was in heaven! To be honest, the blue version – the original – is still watery, but it works for having cereal in the morning. But it does not work for tea and coffee. It makes bits rise to the top, which I detest.


The Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk is a lifesaver! It’s creamy and you can froth it up, making it perfect for baristas to use. I cannot live without this milk! It is also sweeter and includes calcium, so I’m still getting the goodness I need.

Oatly has made my dairy-free life that little bit easier to deal with.

I hope you liked my first installment of Dairy-free Discoveries. Let me know what you think.

Mich x



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Faith = Belief


Hey all. Coming to you with a late Motivational Monday post.

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

In other words – faith!

Lately, I’ve been living life like this – looking forward to something; believing that something great is going to happen.

When your mindset is like this, not only will you believe, but you will also provoke things to happen. You will take actions that lead to great opportunities, because you trust that the end result will be positive.

When you don’t look forward to anything in life, you don’t take actions to make things happen. And so, you don’t experience new things and become frustrated.

Obviously, things don’t just happen out of thin air. A lot of the time, we have to take the first step before we see results. But as long as we are doing that having faith that something will come of it, it may not happen after one, two or three tries, but it will. And that is what matters.

I challenge you to go about your day – and every day – looking forward to something. Have a good one!

Mich x


Ruffle Jumpsuit

photo_2018-07-03_15-55-23photo_2018-07-03_15-55-23 (2)


Ruffle Jumpsuit / White Clutch Bag (similar here and here) / White Strappy Sandals (similar here and here)

I wore this pink striped jumpsuit to a wedding back in June. I think this has to be one of my favourite wedding guest outfits to date.

It is made from linen – a light, breathable and comfortable material, which is perfect for the summer heat.

My favourite thing about this jumpsuit is the ruffle cross-over. I doubt my love for frills will ever die. This jumpsuit would be plain without the ruffles.

I knew that I wanted to keep my accessories simple and monotone because the jumpsuit is a statement on its own. So, I wore my white strappy sandals, carried my simple white envelope clutch bag, and added gold coin drop earrings to match the gold accents on my bag. I kept my hair tied back in a ponytail so as not to distract from my outfit.

I plan to wear this jumpsuit again – possibly more toned down with white trainers for that casual look, or on holiday with slides on the beach.

Mich x


P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


Get Stronger


Happy Monday everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Motivational Monday’s post, but here it is:

“Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”

This couldn’t be closer to the truth. No one has ever lived a problem-free life. Sorry to break it to you, but life can be unfair at times. It can come at you hard. Sometimes it gives you a break, but in general, life is a teacher.

The hardships that you face either make you or break you. And when they make you, that is when you get stronger. You cannot get stronger if you do not overcome, because there is always a harder battle waiting for you later on down the line. You cannot move on to the next step without wining the current battle you are facing.

The next time you go through a problem, or if you are going through a difficulty at this moment in time, remember that 1) no problem lasts forever and 2) when, not if, you overcome it, you will be stronger and wiser. You will have the experience to be able to take on whatever else may come your way.

I hope that this message has motivated someone today. Have an excellent Monday!

Mich x



My Skincare Routine

It feels good to finally have an actual skincare routine, rather than just washing my face with the same product I use on my body, which isn’t ideal. Seeing as I have dry and sensitive skin, I knew that I wasn’t looking after my largest organ as it ought to be cared for.

It was a friend that introduced me to Eve Taylor over a month ago – an aromatherapy skin and body care brand. I’d never heard of it before. She showed me the products she was using and what would work best for me – the Ultra Soothing Skincare Collection Kit. I was immediately interested because, although I had taken no previous action to do so, I’d always been keen on looking after my skin.


The Ultra Soothing collection comes with four products. The serum is not included – that was an added extra from my friend. The kit comes in simple and informative packaging, telling you the benefits of each product and how to use it.


Ultra Soothing Cleanser: This is a creamy cleanser with oatmeal and Camellia oil in the ingredients. For people with eczema-prone/dry skin, Oatmeal has always been a nourishing element, and Camellia Oil – otherwise known as tea seed oil – is the actual green tea oil. As we all know, green tea has wonderful calming effects when used on the skin.

I wet my face and spread a thin layer of the cleanser all over my face using rotating movements. Then I use lukewarm water to wash it away. My skin is left feeling clean, but not dry.


Ultra Soothing Toner: This product includes anti-inflammatories and capillary strengthening extracts to combat redness and irritation. This is perfect for me because my face would sometimes get itchy and irritable towards the end of the day.

The toner can either be applied with a cotton pad or sprayed 6-8 inches away from the face. I’ve been using the latter option.


Refining Eye Gel: I’ve never used eye gel before and I’ve always wanted to, especially when the skin under my eyes started becoming so dry that they would literally tear. It usually happened when my eyes got itchy (thanks hay fever); I would rub them, consequently pulling at the delicate skin. It happened on more than one occasion and I knew that I needed help combatting the dry skin.

This eye gel claims to minimise fine lines, revitalise and refine the skin around the eye area. Its ingredients include aloe vera, which everyone knows is hydrating for the skin, and seaweed.

I squeeze a small drop onto my fingertip and apply underneath and around my eyes, gently massaging in any excess.


Soothing Aromatic Serum (No 1): This product does not come as part of the ultra soothing collection; however, it works for all skin types to reduce redness and cool the skin. It is packed with essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, and the avocado and hazelnut oils help to improve skin texture.

I apply three drops of serum straight to my face using the dropper and use circular motions to rub it in until all is absorbed.


Ultra Soothing Moisture Cream: This is the last step in my routine. This cream includes Borage Seed and Comfrey which have anti-inflammatory benefits and help calm reactive skin, while helping to restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier functions.

I pump a small amount on my fingertips and apply onto my face using upward strokes.

Because these products are part of a kit, they come in travel size making it perfect for you to keep your routine whilst on holiday or away from home. However, they can be purchased in larger quantities. I need to get my hands on more of the cleanser because that was the first thing to finish for me, but still lasted me a month.

The kit retails at £21 and the serum costs £11.70. I’d say it’s all worth it seeing as I have a good amount of four out of the five products left.

This is the first time I have used Eve Taylor and I am very happy with the results. The skin on my face is plump and moisturised throughout the day, whereas before it would get dry by the afternoon. It is no longer irritable, and even if I’m a little naughty and eat something I shouldn’t (dairy), it takes longer for the effects of it to show up on my face.

I will definitely be repurchasing this collection, and am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to this skincare brand.

Have you ever tried Eve Taylor’s products?

Mich x


P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

My Dairy-free Birthday Breakfast

The day after my birthday, I planned a day of pampering, relaxation and “me” time. It started with having breakfast solo at The Breakfast Club – one of my favourite breakfast spots. A friend was meant to come with me but cancelled last minute, so I plucked up the courage to go by myself. And I loved it.

My main reason for choosing The Breakfast Club was because I wanted to try its new vegan addition to the menu: the Beauregarde Pancakes. These were gluten free pancakes (a bit annoying because I’m not gluten free) with warm blueberry compote, complete with Oatly cream and maple syrup.

I also ordered bacon, because how can you not have pancakes with bacon, and avocado because I am crushing on this fruit and am obsessed with its health benefits.

To drink, I had the cold pressed green juice – spinach, celery, lemon, apple and ginger. Anything with ginger and apple in it and I am sold.


I didn’t like the consistency of the pancakes because they were gluten free, making them drier than I am used to. They weren’t too sweet, but the blueberry compote added a natural sweetness.

I love that the cream was Oatly, because that’s the alternative I use on a day-to-day basis.

The breakfast was satisfying and I would definitely order it again.

Mich x



P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Gigi Hadid x Maybeline Review


The limited edition Gigi Hadid x Maybelline West Coast Glow Eyeshadow Palette was released in October 2017, so I’m reviewing this many months late. To be honest, I wouldn’t have known about it at all, if it had not been for my boss. Yes, my male boss haha. He reviews items for Amazon and gets sent all sorts of things, so he let me try this eyeshadow palette.



At first glance, the colours immediately attracted me. I love the mix of golds, pinks and browns, shimmers and mattes – my fave combos to play around with. I am no beauty guru, but this is my review this in a list of pros and cons.


  • The colours are very pigmented. You get a lot of pick-up on your brush.
  • The colours can be used separately and I know that they will work well with my other eyeshadow palettes.


  • Due to the amount of pick up, there is a lot of fall out. Make sure to tap off the excess eyeshadow, spray your brush with a setting spray before use, or do your eyeshadow first and clean up with concealer after.
  • This palette comes in two shade ranges – warm and cool. This is the cool one. The colours looked like they would suit my skin tone, but using them was a different story. They were muted and faded into each other, rather than blending well. This was the case even when used with primer.
  • For this reason, I can’t use the colours all together to create a look as is the purpose of the product.
  • The palette doesn’t include a mirror.

I had high hopes, but I was disappointed. It may look better on someone with a lighter skin tone, but it didn’t suit me. I’m happy I didn’t have to spend any money on it, otherwise it would have been a wasted purchase.

What do you think of this palette? Have you used it before? Would you?

Mich x



P.s This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Sorry about the issues with lighting in the pictures. For this reason, the accuracy of the image of the palette is warped a little, but this doesn’t take away from the validity of my review.